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  1. Another great place to find jewelry is at estate sales and auctions. I am currently bidding on some jewelers safes to double as home/gun safes, at an online auction and there’s literally bunches of scrap gold silver and other precious tangibles to be had.

  2. many years ago my wife was into “junk jewelry” which she would clean up and resell at flea mkts and swap meets. The number of “good pieces” she found over several years was amazing. I remember one piece was a gold necklace with three diamonds on it that appraised for almost $900.00. We still have it from 20+ yrs ago. I might go have it appraised again soon.

  3. GM slashing 15% of N. American salaried workers, discontinuing several vehicle models
    By Mike Obe
    Published November 26, 2018

    GM to slash jobs and production as U.S. sedan sales sink
    By Joseph White and Nick Carey
    November 26, 2018

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