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  1. Quick historical background on this current sell off. Thanksgiving week is usually a slow trading week characterized by low volume. It’s a short week, a holiday week, spirits are usually high and the markets usually melt up leading into thanksgiving. Against that backdrop, this selling is even more pronounced because it could indicate a more serious shift in sentiment.

    A wise man said that the US maintains the world’s reserve currency simply because we have 12 carrier battle groups. The same conditions as with the English Empire in it’s day. But the Pound was backed by gold. I tend to think that, were the balance of the power to shift in a meaningful way, the dollar would be instant toilet paper.

  2. I’ve been collecting antique radios for about twenty five plus years and there are a few things to consider when buying a radio for investing. Most collectors will not pay much for a bakelite, catalin, urea or plastic radio if it has even a hairline crack in the cabinet, even if it’s insides are in good shape. If a radio has been repainted by it’s owner it will not be as desirable as a factory painted original which has good paint although I am seeing repainted radios becoming more acceptable by collectors if the repaint has been done professionally but original factory painted radios tend to bring the highest resale price. It is acceptable to refinish a wood radio providing the refinish is done correctly. Novelty radios from the thirties and forties and even early fifties bring good prices. Novelty radios would be those built by a radio manufacture of the day for companies such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Disney radios, Hopalong Cassidy and other themes that were popular with the public in those days. Catalin radios tend to bring the highest prices but are hard to find. Watching radios get listed and sold on Ebay is a good way of learning about them. You may also be able to find a radio collectors club in your area and those folks are usually helpful. And most importantly remember that just because a radio is old doesn’t mean it is desirable and worth much. It must have THAT LOOK that collectors are after.

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