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  1. “’Gold Is On The Cusp’ Of An ‘Explosion Higher'”

    heh. “exploding gold”. cool.

    not comex paper gold. and your physical gold isn’t going to be worth more than comex paper gold any time soon.

  2. Gman,

    I have noticed you are bearish on precious metals. I get your point. That being said, try to remember the COMEX price for silver, $14.40 an ounce, is for a 5000 ounce contract. Physical silver is always going to be more expensive to own, always. But that 5k ounce value piece of paper is just paper, my physical silver is very real, it’s mine, and I haven’t lost a dime in value regardless of what the paper price does. If things head south, the holder of that paper is s*** out of luck when trying to collect on that contract, in other words trying to convert that paper into actual silver. Mine is in my safe and, at some point in the future, convertible into goods and services. The same goes for gold. I don’t know what weight the paper gold contract is for, but it’s still just a damn piece of paper.

    1. “I have noticed that you are bearish on precious metals”

      it’s not that I’m bearish, it’s that I don’t have faith in them. those who have a “bullish” attitude towards precious metals seem to be engaged in wishful thinking and unable to answer basic questions about, or to perceive any factual constraints regarding, their faith.

  3. I don’t think we are even close to a housing slump nationwide. The problem we face is the opposite: It’s hard to find a builder who has time to build your house. All the trades are busy. The interest rates via the Fed and those offered by mortgage companies are a bargain..no they aren’t zero, but there is nothing that signifies a terrible economy more than zero interest rates…desperation. That was very evident when Mr. Obama was in office. I do agree that if you own real estate that is not performing as a true asset, then get rid of it.

    1. “there is nothing that signifies a terrible economy more than zero interest rates…desperation.”

      hardly. when they give you that “loan” they’re not loaning you anything at all. to come up with the dollars they just type it in, stealing the value from everyone around the world who uses a dollar, same as any counterfeiter. then they present that to you as a “loan”, for which you are obligated to work to get the dollars to “pay them back”.

      1. Gman, you’re off a bit re the loan. When the banks
        loan you the money, they literally wire that money
        to the closing or escrow agent, who literally
        disburses it to various parties at the closing.
        The realtors, the seller, various 3rd party vendors
        etc. it isn’t just imaginary.

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