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  1. Why do you use the term, ‘anonymous cryptos’? They are not anonymous. Economic Policy Journal highlights numerous instances where this is Not the case.

    1. Indeed. “Cryptocurrencies” are, in fact, not cryptologic at all. The scripters of CC are simply conflating a distributed ledger with genuine cryptologic security. If I weren’t an American I’d consider buying some, but inside these borders, the NSA/IRS/FBI cabal will eventually crush you.

  2. Cryptos are a fools gold.
    Government has been trying/succeeding the price manipulation from the git go.
    Why anyone would believe them to be a safe haven is beyond me. The only real wealth is that which you can hold in your hand. Everything else will be controlled by the government.
    There is also NO ANONYMITY. Anything done online is to be regarded as public information.

  3. If you are trying to be wise with your money, and are a follower of a blog dealing with “survival”, then you should run as far away as you can from anyone suggesting Bitcoin as an investment or even a speculative gamble. MarketWatch referenced an article today by Bill Harris, former CEO of Intuit and founding CEO of PayPal and
    Personal Capital, on his opinions on the crypto currencies and you can read it by goggle-
    ing: “Bitcoin is the greatest scam in history”.

    It’s short and easy to read and well worth the time. Read it and it will protect you from all the criminals out there that wish to separate you from your hard earned cash. Let the folks with excess money to throw away play with it. Its toxic and he explains how it’s the average small investor who will be burned in this new monetary scheme. Don’t fall for it.

    If a sophisticated investor like Warren Buffet won’t touch, you don’t need to either. Be informed. Protect yourselves with good information and facts.

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