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  1. “Recession proof” stocks.

    Usually at this point in the cycle, so called Consumer Staples are at deeply discounted valuations relative to the overall market as wall street chases high fliers. This is NOT the case this time. Consumer Staples remain overvalued right now. So either nobody trusts this market or we have five more years of expansion ahead. I doubt the expansion part because of rising short term rates. There may be nowhere to hide this time except hard assets and real money.

    And I’ll say it again; The markets and economy won’t handle 3 percent rates.

  2. It’s funny that the 3% is the economic black swan and the economy will not survive. Yeah right.

    I have the grace of age in which I bought my first home when interest rate for my mortgage note at 12.7%, you read that right and the year was 1984. The US economy did not collapse and the world did not end.

    Please read more history and Study Scripture diligently and you will see things clearly

  3. Um, I was there as well. The difference now is habituation to zero. And we did have very negative effects, the S&L crash.

    And I did not say collapse nor end of the world. Please don’t put words in mouth. Clear?

  4. I also remember Larry Burkett writing something in the 1980’s along the lines of, “if the National Debt hits 4 Trillion things would come crashing down”.

    Amazing how far the “can has been kicked down the road”…

    I appreciate all the wisdom that is shared here daily!

    1. Either it can “go on forever” or “it can’t”. How far away is the magic line of ‘no confidence’? Who knows?

      I recall as a kid (in the 1980s) seeing a ‘Time’ cover with a swirling, black hole of dollar bills and the headline “1 Trillion dollars”. That wasn’t ‘the end’, obviously, but I remain convinced that, what cannot go on forever, will not go on forever.

      This is going to end badly someday. Everyday we have until then, is a gift from Almighty God to prepare ourselves.

      Love your children and us these days wisely. Let them one day reflect on your legacy (to your grandchildren) and say, “thank God Mom/Dad had the foresight & discernment to prepare for us”.

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