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    1. The thing to remember is you don’t need a 24/7 constant flow of water. You only need to refill a pressure tank for future use. So, low flow like 1GPM (60gph) is plenty to refill a pressure tank a few times a day. That allows the use of a low flow, 50psi pump (low power draw). Use “100 vertical feet of water pumping requires 45psi”

  1. Very nice project, please keep us apprised of developments. But, “two is one and one is none”, so don’t give up on your manual pump. Can you give yourself a longer/stronger handle with steel pipe to give yourself more mechanical advantage and an easier time?

    1. Yes on “one is none.” I still have my modern stainless bicycle style pump and PVC sections stored securely as my backup package in the spring house.

    1. Hello Michael, I’m using a “Windy Nation” charge controller. It will disconnect the load were the battery bank ever fall below 11VDC.

      1. Thank you! I am also using a Windy Nation 100 watt panel and charge controller, however, my water 12VDC pump is connected straight to the battery, so not sure how to monitor that part.

        thank you

  2. The Windy Nation controllers have 2 screws for PV “IN”, 2 screws for “BATT” and 2 screws for “LOAD”. Your pump should Not be connected straight to the battery. It should, instead, be connected only to the “LOAD” screws of the controller. This allows the controller to “control” when the battery is connected to the load and when it’s disconnected from the load.

  3. My well is 100′ deep with about 200′ to get into the pressure tank. I’d love to know what size set up we need. Right now our 1 is the well as it would be about $8k to get county water up here and it’s not in the budget. TY for your reply!!!

  4. Hello Joyful Farm, that is outside the capabilities of my system. Not to say it can’t be done. I’d recommend a pump /panel at the well head to pressurize a tank there. Then a second pump / panel fed from that tank to deliver to a second pressure tank at the house.

    1. Thank you PJA for your reply, I truly appreciate it!! I will tell my son and see what he can find for us. As we know 1 is 1 and 1 is none. Right now we’re at the 1 is “none” if an emergency happens.

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