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  1. S&H green stamps. Yes we remember the endless evening of pasting the stamps into the books. We used sponges because the glue tasted so bad. Nothing like that delicious white paste in school.

    For that price I could see one of those finding its way into my tackle box.

  2. My green stamps got a combo hatchet and fixed blade knife. Has to wait until I was 8. I loved them.

    In high school I took my Springfield 30-06, which I bought through the NRA for $14.50 ,to metal shop to work on. Shop teacher said to bring it in a gun case. No one gave it a second thought.

    Try that today.

  3. You can still give you children and grandchildren knives and hatchets. Just teach them the proper respect for and handling of these tools and don’t send them to school with them. What a shame that children can’t carry a tool in school. I’ve (and my son ) have carried since the age of 8years. Never had a problem. Saw more ppl stabbed w/ pencils in schooland 0 cut with knives (except by accident and usually in shop class).

    1. Hey Annon. I grew up in Southern California, Orange County to be exact, when it was still one of the silly stops on Jack Benny’s train “leaving for Anaheim, Azusa and Cu..ka..monga….”

      Gold Bond stamp redemption stores were around, but we never shopped at any place that gave them out.

      Our stamp of choice was Blue Chip, dispensed right at the check out from a machine with several old-style telephone -like dials the checker would crank around to enter the amount you’d spent. The stamps would cascade out and curl up in a long ribbon, which was my responsibility to carry safely home and stick in the books.

      Sometimes mom would get a serving platter or a fancy tumbler set with them – every day glasses came from the Chevron Island give aways, pretty South Sea Island girls on every glass! – once we even picked out a 4 place TV Tray set.
      S&H Green Stamps were also ubiquitous, but we gave them to my married sister to collect.

      Dad collected the reward tokens from Raleigh cigarettes, too.

      “Say Bud, do you save the coupons?”

      “Sure! How do you think I got this dandy iron lung!”

    2. I remember those but the ones my family collected were Top Value stamps that Dad got from Kroger’s. I remember that I used them to get a Shakespeare rod and reel like my brother’s and later a single mantle Coleman lantern, which I still have.

  4. I never got enough S&H Green stamps to get what I wanted, so at the age of 15-ish I picked up a set of stainless flatware.
    Funny thing is 50+ years later I still have most of the set and use them every day.
    We had Top Value stamps too, but I don’t think we used them much.

  5. Thank you, Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus, for granting us the discernment, time, space & resources to prepare NOW for the storm we all know is coming. I’m forever grateful for the patience you’ve had with us, your servants with feet of clay & hard hearts. Please know that your grateful children love You & keep You constantly in our hearts and on our minds.

  6. I think the one Veff serration is for cutting rope. I did have Tom Veff cut his serrations in my Benchmade Adamas and they really are a superior serrations (imho). Nice to live in the area of Tom Veff, probably the best knife service around.

  7. I grew-up in Montana in the 70’s and made a cross bow and hunting arrows in woodshop. I also purchsed my first bow and arrow combo with S&H Green stamps when I was ten. Wish I had a time machine….

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