Letter Re: Pat Buchanan’s Book State of Emergency

Jim, I am about halfway thru the new book by Pat Buchanan –‘State of Emergency’– and its scaring the hell out of me. I’ve followed the Illegal Alien story for yrs, ever since I landed back in California in 1989 after my hitch in the U.S. Air Force and I … Continue reading

Letter Re: “Jericho” TV Series Airing This Fall

James, I was surprised to see that CBS will be airing a drama this fall called Jericho. Here is what the show is about: “Things are quiet and peaceful in small-town Jericho, Kansas, but when a baffling explosion occurs in the distance, Jericho’s residents are plunged into social, psychological and … Continue reading

Book Review: The Hunt for Confederate Gold by Thomas Moore

I recently read the novel “The Hunt for Confederate Gold” by Thomas Moore. (Published by Fusilier Books, ISBN 0976998203) It may sound cliched, but I couldn’t put it down! I am not surprised that it has a perfect five star rating on Amazon.com. Without giving too much away, I can … Continue reading

Letter Re: Availability of Additional “Where There is No…” Series Books

Dear Mr. Rawles, I know you are a big fan of the book Where There is no Doctor. (English International Edition by D. Werner ISBN 0-333-51651-6 Published by MacMillan), and Where There is No Dentist (by M. Dickson ISBN 9-780942-364057.) Published by Hesperian, but did you know that there are … Continue reading

Reader’s Book Recommendation: “Wilderness Medicine” by Auerbach

This book is full of ideas and know how on wilderness survival/medicine. I would like to share my find with others. It is called “Wilderness Medicine”(4th edition.) It was written by Paul S. Auerbach, M.D. and is essentially a text book about 1500 pages. Its somewhat spendy but worth it. … Continue reading