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  1. I can’t say when it actually started in earnest, but I seem to remember that the late 70’s, and early 80’s there were just a few. SP, RN, HP, and the military FMJ. Now we’re in an acronym war. It is impossible to keep up. If you reload, it behooves one to pic a round, or a few, and test them. The company’s have been known to exaggerate their claims. Like snake oil salesmen of the late
    1800’s, buyers beware. Some manufacturers will sell you 5 or even 10 rounds of unloaded bullets including their specialized load data. This makes it easier to achieve excellent ballistics.

    1. I haven’t got started on reloading yet, although it is the way to maximize the precision of your rifle. I’m just an off-the-shelf cartridge guy so far.

    1. Thanks for the self defense data. I’m getting a bit perturbed at these posting talking about guns and ammo as only pertaining to hunting. The 2A was always about a tyranical gov.

      1. I will almost certainly use my guns for hunting this year. Prediction: you almost certainly won’t use yours against a “tyranical gov.” Get as perturbed you want, some of us appreciate practical info.

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