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  1. Buck knives are an all time favorite. I had a 110 Folding Hunter that got traded to a Canadian Paratrooper from the Airborne Regiment back in 1976 when we did some Host Nation training (us ‘Arctic Warriors’ from Alaska were the guest of the Canooks), I don’t know if Buck Knives weren’t imported or what, but the Canadians (at that time) were trading away ‘the bank’ for them, at the end of the 4 weeks that we were there, not a single one of us still had a 110 in our possession upon arriving home in Alaska. (they were around $16 at that time if I remember correctly)
    Buck Knives are well made in USA, (VERY) reasonably priced compared to other knives both retail and especially custom. I just can’t bring myself to buying a $300+ knife when I can get a quality tool for 1/3 the price also being made domestically.

    I now own probably 6-8 different Buck Knives, I don’t know, maybe more. At their prices, they are (I don’t use the word ‘cheap’ here) inexpensive enough to buy and throw in the “Barter Box’.

  2. I have several Buck knives including sheath knives that I still carry when hunting. My Buck’s have never let me down and I even have a “Personal” model sheath (if I remember the correct model) that my Dad gave me as a teenager back in the mid 60’s. I constantly carry my 110 folding hunter on my person right next to my pistol that I conceal carry.

  3. A Buck 110 and 119 make a perfect pairing. If you happen to be looking for a Christmas or Birthday gift then few things could be better.

    I try to make every gift that I give be either a true useful item of a prep item. This is both.

  4. @ Rucksack Rob, AATW! —- re Buck knives; I still have a Buck skinning knife that I purchased around ’68, a very good knife that has worked very well, quite possibly the best skinning knife I’ve ever used. I also have an older Case “buffalo skinner” that is a first rate knife as well, but if you’re working a tight spot, like around inside the shoulders, that little Buck skinner has it beat hands down.

  5. I have owned Buck knives since middle school and it is my favorite brand by far. I actually don’t know how many Buck knives I have at the moment. If you’re into collecting knives at all, check out the Buck Collector’s Club, they have great members only knives and every 5 years or so an anniversary meeting, which in the past has included a meal at Chuck Buck’s home! How many CEO’s invite their customers to their house?! Even after Mr. Buck passed away, they have continued their hospitality. They really take care of their Collector’s Club people, and all of their customers in my experience. Great review as always Pat!

  6. China Bucks’ indeed. I’ll keep reading the blades to help me decide on which form of government I will spend money with. They traded me a USA made warranty knife with a chicom version. Not impressed. At.all.

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