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  1. I must state that using black powder for self defense should be the last option, you cannot be pro second amendment and already be willing to prepare for an alternative like black powder due to possible gun confiscation or legislative actions. If this is a mindset that is predominant we are in big trouble. Don’t be cowards people

  2. I enjoy the learning experience of this article and having an ultimate ‘fall back” alternative in black powder. But if we as the citizens of the USA reach that point, then agreeing with Jeremy, we are in big trouble. There are a reported 350 million firearms in the USA, outnumbering the population. If some of the scenarios that are illustrated in literature and government studies ever came to pass, ie) a CME or EMP, where the projections indicate a 90% die-off, then there will be an abundance of firearms and ammunition for the survivors. BATFE wont have much to say about it. But then again, do you survive?

    1. I believe that as preppers our perceptions tend to be skewed. We assume that because we have thousands of rounds of ammo tucked away, then so does everyone else. The sad truth is that the average gun owner has just a couple of boxes of centerfire cartridges for each of their guns. Even my own father, who was a veteran, kept just two or three 20-round boxes of ammunition at a time for each of his three deer rifles. If there is a big economic collapse, mass starvation, and die-of, then that will generate a lot of violence. The end result will be 350 million+ functional guns, but precious little ammo for them. So stock up, and hedge a bit into alternatives!

      1. Agreed. Buy now. Buy alot. Visit the vendors whom advertise here. Support your local blogger. This is our community. Case quantities of everything if you can afford it. Hit the gunshows. Pay cash when possible. Scour local stores, pawn shops, swap meets (I scored an 8lb can of IMR 4064 for $15.) Happy shopping! 🙂

    2. We don’t have to worry about gun confiscation or “them” taking them by force. Like everything today, we will give up our rights voluntarily and say NOTHING. We said nothing when “they” took prayer out of public schools in the 60’s. We said nothing when “they” took the lives of babies in their mothers’ wombs-abortion in the 70’s. We said nothing when they allowed women the leadership roles over men (hot topic lately) in the 80’s and that is against God’s law. We said nothing when they flipped the public school/university curiculums to a Marxist/Communist bent in the 90’s. We said nothing when “they” rammed Gay marriage through the supreme court in the 10’s.


      “They” are in for the long shot and incrementally take away rights so subtly that WE wont raise a barrel to stop them.

      America is the only country where it is legal to have a revolution. It is written in our Constitution. Ben Carson said it eloquently, “we are far overdue for a revolution.”

      We will do nothing!

  3. Black powder — or a modern substitute, like Pyrodex — is a great choice if you want to “modernize” your black powder revolver with a cartridge cylinder, like those from Kirst or Taylor’s. They warn users to stay with low-velocity lead bullet loads, but using black powder in the cartridges pretty much ensures that pressures will stay within the limits of the revolver and cylinder.

    A black powder .45 Colt load with a 200-250 grain bullet from a long barrel is probably at least at .45 ACP power levels, if not higher.

    Besides, it’s always good to have alternatives that are much harder for the powers that be to control. Can’t stop the signal!

  4. Just a reminder boys & girls, as I’ve stated before with regards to Ammo, Powder, and Primers: If you can load a one ton dually truck up with all the ammo you have for each caliber firearm you have, and the tire’s ain’t flat – YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH!!! Same goes for primers and powder. On a positive note, it also keeps the ammo, primer, & powder companies in business. To say nothing of really irritating the gun grabbers. That’s the best part! BLOAT, and then BLOAT some more….. Besides, why pass on to your kids when the Lord calls you to the “Big House” phony money based on a fake value when you can leave em something of real value….

    1. NS, I agree with you, but sadly, “the kids” sometimes don’t. Nearly every time we visit our local gun shop, there will be an older fellow come in (by older I mean my age) with one or two nice firearms, usually hunting rifles. The story is always “My heart/knees/back just won’t handle going out into the woods to hunt anymore, and my kids don’t want my rifles.” They end up selling their precious weapons to the gun shop for a pittance, just to get them out of the house before they move into assisted living. Sometimes I think we should camp out near the parking lot and intercept these guys!

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