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  1. A.E., thank you for this reminder about such an important and precious topic. Bringing a new life into this world is a sacred event, and it would be wise for all of us to at least understand the basics of the human birth process. I’ve read Spiritual Midwifery and in my opinion, every prepper needs the knowledge in that book, although some may find it uncomfortable to read about some of the hippy lifestyle described. Ina May Gaskin has performed an inestimable service to humanity in providing a link to ancient midwife knowledge lost due to the advent of hospital births, anesthesia, and our modern urge to hurry up and DO SOMETHING. Their communal lifestyle did not allow for the expense of hospital births, so they were thrown back on their own resources, and had to learn to midwife their own community’s births.

    There is so much knowledge that we can tap into from their experiences, since a SHTF scenario will force many of us into a similar situation of no hospital assistance, and living an off-grid life without modern conveniences. Their neonatal mortality rate is less than half that of hospitals, with no maternal deaths, and with a very low percentage of Caesarean births needed, less than 1.7%. So this gives us great hope for success in primitive circumstances.

    You can watch a great Ted Talk she made called Reducing Fear Of Birth In US Culture. Another great reference book is Childbirth without Fear by Grantly Dick-Read. Also, there are online midwife and doula training courses available through several educational institutions, if you want to get some of your group trained. Midwifery Education Accreditation Council lists several schools on their website.

  2. In response to a previous comment. Natural plannng is an option for many , especially if the woman has a regular cycle. BUT it requires a Lot of self control. So i would recommend that people plan for surprise pregnancies. Children have been born in less than ideal situations for centries. A clean environment is very important as infections are what killed many women and babies. Also knowing how to handle some difficult birthing difficulties could save lives. I had home births and in one case the midwife was able to prevent a potential loss because of her training and knowledge.

    1. Natural Family Planning has been around for almost fifty years. It is NOT rhythm, and is especially suited for women who don’t have a regular cycle, as it relies on variations in vaginal secretions, backed up by a thermometer. However, the thermometer is not strictly necessary.

      It does require self control. Survival in extreme circumstances requires self control. Normally, this means that the man must love his wife, instead of his own pleasure, for a few days a month. This is good for him.

      NFP couples also have an extremely low divorce rate.

      Many people think they have some idea of what Natural Family Planning is. If you only have a magazine notion of it, assume that everything you think you know is wrong.

      It is the best method for severe situations because it requires no technology at all, and can easily be passed down from mother to daughter over the generations.

      Does it work perfectly for everyone? No. Nothing does. But it does work at least as well as the Pill.

  3. JMW. I am not ignorant as to how natural plannng works. I also have absolutely no problem with anyone who uses it. But not everyone is or will be diciplined in this method so should be prepared for surprise births. I personally think children are wonderful and a blessing. But unplanned births often happen and it s my desire that people become inforned and have the necessary supplies on hand so they will be a blessing and not a tragedy.

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