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  1. Interesting and apparently quite educated comments. Thanks for spending the time to share them.

    I have a slightly different take (OK, it’s a lot different) on water storage and use. I have used stored water in off-grid locations every once in awhile for many years. After all is said and done, I find that 99% of the game simply requires storing the water. If one starts out with a food grade water storage container, and fills it with potable water from the tap of any reputable water company/supply, he can render it potable again with very little work. There are many methods to accomplish this. Is it 100 % guaranteed to be perfectly safe for consumption? Nope. Nothing in life comes with this kind of certainty.

    I have consumed water stored for years without being treated. There are no substantive risks for chem contamination under these circumstances, only pathogens. And treating for pathogens is really pretty easy if one has a modicum of knowledge in this regard. I have never had an issue in over 25 years. The problem with providing folks with all the myriad ways in which water MIGHT be problematic for consumption is simply that most of them will opt out of storing water whatsoever.

    In the real world, it’s about merely trying to put the odds in one’s favor as best as can reasonably be done.


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