Preparedness Notes for Monday – January 22, 2018

Between 1861 and 1865, more than 50,000 civilians died as a direct result of the American Civil War. In the years between 1914 and 1918, more than 7,000,000 innocent civilians died as a direct result of World War I. From 1939 to 1945, more than 23,000,000 innocents died as a direct result of World War II. (This number includes the 11 million deliberately killed in concentration camps.) Between 1922 and 152, Stalin purged Russia of anyone whom he considered a threat or disloyal, murdering somewhere over 25,000,000 innocent people. Mao Tse-tung murdered more than 45,000,000 people from his own country in his rise to power. But on January 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court made a decision that has resulted in the legalized murder of over 56,000,000 of the most innocent persons that could exist in the place that should be the safest place on earth. Roe vs. Wade is a horrible black mark on our country that we will be called to account for before God. The video “180” produced in 2011 is one that I highly encourage everyone to watch (both pro-life and pro-choice). It will change your life. -HJL

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If you feel that binary triggers and bump fire stocks should remain legal, please contact the BATFE and post a public comment in the current rule-making period. Here is what I posted: “Please use common sense and a plain reading of the current law, and continue to interpret the NFA exemption for bump fire stocks or other parts for semi-autos, based upon the literal meaning of the words “a single function of the trigger.” Bump fire stocks and binary triggers meet the test of the current law and the intent of Congress when they wrote that law. You cannot expand the definition of the law by decree. The law is the law.” Please consider consider posting something similar, here.

Glock Model 35, Gen 4, by Pat Cascio

An outstanding “end of the world” handgun is under review today, the Glock 35. This one deserves a close look.

Glock Handguns

Truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of Glock handguns for a number of reasons. First off, I haven’t run across anyone who says that the Glock line of handguns actually fit their hand perfectly. Secondly, I don’t know why Glock still insists on installing plastic sights, front and rear, on their handguns. What I do love about the Glocks is that they always go “bang” if you give them just the smallest amount of care. That’s important to me, and they are more than accurate, too. However, Glock is rapidly losing their grip on first place as the handgun of choice for law enforcement in the United States, giving way to more updated handgun designs that fit the hand better and do the job just as well as the Glock can do it. Many others cost less than a Glock, too.

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Economics & Investing For Preppers

A stack of Bitcoin keepsake tokens

Here are the latest items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. And it bears mention that most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of JWR. (SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor.) Today’s focus is on the recent “Crypto Collapse”.

Precious Metals:

Egon von Greyerz: Gold Will Surge As The World Hits A Rock Or A Hard Place. It is noteworthy that a lot of his advice is in very close alignment to what you’ve reading from me in SurvivalBlog for more than a dozen years. Here is a quote from that essay:

Critical Steps To Take

So what can we all do in the meantime. Here are a few tips:

Get out of the stock market on the coming final rally

Get out of the bond market

Get out of debt

Get out of investment property

Don’t depend on a pension system which is likely to fail

Don’t expect the government to look after you

If you lose your job, plan how you can survive. There are lots of services that are in demand in a depression.

If you have savings, don’t keep them in the banking system

Hold gold and silver outside the banking system

Family and friends are extremely important in difficult times. Create a circle of mutual dependence and trust.



Video from FX Empire: AUD/USD Technical Analysis


Cryptocurrencies (Crypto Collapse):

My warning about wide price swings in the cryptocurrencies has now been realized. Fortune reports: Bitcoin Plunges to $10,000, Half Its Peak Price, as Investor Fears Blossom

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At least one Bitcoin pundit  has claimed that there are annual crashes in Bitcoin, every year, in January. Back in November, he fairly accurately predicted a January 2018 crash.

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Investor CryptosRUs led and interesting half hour Google Hangouts Video: Quick Review of the Market – Q&A – 1/19/2018. (Jump forward the to 1:45 mark, to start watching.)  This videos gives a good insight on how today’s Crypto market investors compare notes.

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Preparedness Notes for Sunday – January 21, 2018

January 21st Eliza Moore, the last surviving individual born into slavery before the Emancipation Proclamation died on this day, in 1948, in Montgomery County, Alabama, at age 105. Since 70 years have now elapsed since her death and 153 years have now elapsed since 1865, JWR perhaps presumptuously hereby declares that it is now fully high time for Americans to Get Over It, and instead focus on current slavery issues, like the uncounted thousands of slaves now being held by Muslims in North Africa. There is no cause for so-called White Guilt in our generation, but we should feel badly about doing little or nothing (both individually and collectively) toward seeing modern slavery abolished once and for all!

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I’m sad to report the unexpected passing of Mara Helland, of Alberton, Montana, at age 50. She was a CPA and tax accountant who formerly advertised on SurvivalBlog. Several of her clients are SurvivalBlog readers. Like any well-prepared individual, she had a transition plan in place, so her clients will be handed off to a trusted accounting firm. May God grant comfort to all the members of her family. She was fine lady who greatly enjoyed the scenic beauty and lifestyle of rural northwestern Montana. She will be greatly missed! – JWR

The Strange Case Of The Falling Dollar – And What It Means For Gold

This article was written by Brandon Smith (the Editor of and originally published at Birch Gold Group.

Trillions of dollars in uncontrolled central bank stimulus and years of artificially low interest rates have poisoned every aspect of our financial system. Nothing functions as it used to. In fact, many markets actually move in the exact opposite manner as they did before the debt crisis began in 2008. The most obvious example has been stocks, which have enjoyed the most historic bull market ever despite all fundamental data being contrary to a healthy economy.

With a so far endless supply of cheap fiat from the Federal Reserve (among other central banks), as well as near zero interest overnight loans, everyone in the economic world was wondering where all the cash was flowing to. It certainly wasn’t going into the pockets of the average citizen. Instead, we find that the real benefactors of central bank support has been the already mega-rich as the wealth gap widens beyond all reason. Furthermore, it is clear that central bank stimulus is the primary culprit behind the magical equities rally that SEEMS to be invincible.

To illustrate this correlation, one can compare the rise of the Fed’s balance sheet to the rise of the S&P 500 and see they match up almost exactly. Coincidence? I think not…

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The Editors’ Preps for the Week


To be prepared for a crisis, every Prepper must establish goals and make long-term and short-term plans. Steadily, we work on meeting our prepping goals. In this column, the SurvivalBlog editors review their week’s prep activities. They also often share their planned prep activities for the coming week. These range from healthcare and gear purchases to gardening, property improvements, and food storage. This is something akin to our Retreat Owner Profiles, but written incrementally and in detail, throughout the year. We always welcome you to share your own successes and wisdom in the Comments. Let’s keep busy and be ready!


Dear SurvivalBlog Readers,
A lot of the accumulated snowfall has melted, here at the Rawles Ranch. But the weather forecast shows a couple of weak storm system approaching, promising a mixture of rain and snow, for the next couple  of weeks. But at least it looks like I won’t have to do a lot of snowplowing. I don’t plan to be outdoors for much more than just feeding the livestock, toting firewood, and checking on the stock tanks. This a good time of year for those indoor projects.

The Drafty Door

With the recent cold weather, Avalanche Lily noticed a bit of a cold draft coming under our bedroom door, from the hall.  This is because whomever built the house had apparently hung the door with eventual deep pile carpeting in mind, leaving a hefty 1.25-inch gap beneath it.  I first considered adding a thicker threshold piece, but I realized that we’d just be tripping over it. So instead, I solved this problem by extending the bottom of the door.  I used Torx head power screws and my trusty  Dewalt to attach a 1″-square wood furring strip and then a broom style vinyl-and-pile door sweep. (I was careful to first drill pilot holes for the screws, to prevent the furring strip from splitting.) Problem solved.

Our local farrier was out to the ranch a few days ago, for hoof trims on our horses. The horses (and their hooves) are doing well, despite the alternating wet and cold weather this year.

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The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods:

SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. it’s that time of year again. The pink hats are out in force for the Women’s March.

Relocation of Illegal Aliens

Reader B.B. sent in this article on how the government is relocating illegal aliens within the borders of the U.S. by using Homeland Security officials in plan clothes as escorts and commercial flights to avoid drawing attention to the program. At least two flights are known (originating from Harlingen, TX and Tucson, AZ) where illegal aliens who appeared to be in their late teens were escorted by Health and Human Services chaperons. Judicial Watch has contacted the agency for comment on the incidents, but so far has not received any answers.

Business Surcharge

Budget stricken California can’t afford to keep up their overbearing social programs. Rather than curb spending, they have now proposed a surcharge on businesses to fund the programs. Under the bill, companies making more than $1 million have to turn over half of their tax-cut savings to the state. What do you know, Nancy Pelosi was right – The tax cut is bad for business! Thanks to R.K. for the link.

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Preparedness Notes for Saturday – January 20, 2018

Today is the birthday of Congressman Richard Henry Lee (1732–1794)

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SurvivalBlog Writing Contest

Today features another entry for Round 74 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest. The nearly $11,000 worth of prizes for this round include:

First Prize:

  1. A $3000 gift certificate towards a Sol-Ark Solar Generator from Veteran owned Portable Solar LLC. The only EMP Hardened Solar Generator System available to the public.
  2. A Gunsite Academy Three Day Course Certificate. This can be used for any one, two, or three day course (a $1,095 value),
  3. A course certificate from onPoint Tactical for the prize winner’s choice of three-day civilian courses, excluding those restricted for military or government teams. Three day onPoint courses normally cost $795,
  4. DRD Tactical is providing a 5.56 NATO QD Billet upper. These have hammer forged, chrome-lined barrels and a hard case, to go with your own AR lower. It will allow any standard AR-type rifle to have a quick change barrel. This can be assembled in less than one minute without the use of any tools. It also provides a compact carry capability in a hard case or in 3-day pack (an $1,100 value),
  5. Two cases of Mountain House freeze-dried assorted entrees in #10 cans, courtesy of Ready Made Resources (a $350 value),
  6. A $250 gift certificate good for any product from Sunflower Ammo,
  7. Two cases of meals, Ready to Eat (MREs), courtesy of (a $180 value), and
  8. American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) is providing a $300 certificate good towards any of their DVD training courses.

Second Prize:

  1. A Model 175 Series Solar Generator provided by Quantum Harvest LLC (a $439 value),
  2. A Glock form factor SIRT laser training pistol and a SIRT AR-15/M4 Laser Training Bolt, courtesy of Next Level Training, which have a combined retail value of $589,
  3. A gift certificate for any two or three-day class from Max Velocity Tactical (a $600 value),
  4. A transferable certificate for a two-day Ultimate Bug Out Course from Florida Firearms Training (a $400 value),
  5. A Trekker IV™ Four-Person Emergency Kit from Emergency Essentials (a $250 value),
  6. A $200 gift certificate good towards any books published by,
  7. RepackBox is providing a $300 gift certificate to their site.

Third Prize:

  1. A Royal Berkey water filter, courtesy of Directive 21 (a $275 value),
  2. A large handmade clothes drying rack, a washboard, and a Homesteading for Beginners DVD, all courtesy of The Homestead Store, with a combined value of $206,
  3. Expanded sets of both washable feminine pads and liners, donated by Naturally Cozy (a $185 retail value),
  4. Two Super Survival Pack seed collections, a $150 value, courtesy of Seed for Security, LLC,
  5. Mayflower Trading is donating a $200 gift certificate for homesteading appliances, and
  6. Two 1,000-foot spools of full mil-spec U.S.-made 750 paracord (in-stock colors only) from (a $240 value).

Round 74 ends on January 31st, so get busy writing and e-mail us your entry. Remember that there is a 1,500-word minimum, and that articles on practical “how to” skills for survival have an advantage in the judging.

The Long View- Part 3, by J.M.

I try to have a long view, one that is both near and far in perspective. We are in the final part of this article, taking a look at the preparations required for a long-term scenario, in the event of a major societal break down. This is part of my routine, as I evaluate my own preparations compared with risk assessments.

We have looked at repairs, food, water, weapons, and medical topics in the previous two portions of this article. Now let’s move on to how we keep warm and prepare our food.

Heating and Cooking

If you don’t live near the equator, you’ll probably need a source of heat for your dwelling, and you’ll definitely need a source of heat for cooking no matter where you live. And unless you’re near a surface coal mine, the only real viable long-term sustainable source for producing heat and fire is wood. Even if you currently use propane or oil and store a large amount, you’ll eventually run out, and if you don’t have a way to produce or acquire more you’ll have to switch to something else. That’s where the problem comes in, if you aren’t already set up for heating and cooking with wood. Converting existing appliances to work with wood is pretty much impossible.

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Letter: My Emergency Grab and Go Kit

Bug Out Bag


I have seen lots of emergency survival kits. I think that most of them fail in their efforts to provide the security they are hoping to sell. When making your own to use on the street, consider the following.

Most of the kits out there fail. Why? They do this by splashing all over what they are. Now, let me ask you how stealthy is that? That’s not at all good, in my book.

I wanted to share what I have put together and carried for the last 20 years, at least. I take it to the office as well as carry it to the casino. It goes everywhere I go.

I carry a laptop computer case. Why is that? That is because they are still seen everywhere. They’re not as popular as a few years ago, but they’re still out there. They do not draw attention. The number one rule in stealth is to not draw attention to oneself.


Instead of nylon or fabric, I use a rather nice leather one, because it is stronger. It always includes a shoulder strap to carry the weight. Mine has at least two zipper compartments and one flap compartment with pockets inside. For me, black is the best color. Women can use colors, et cetera.

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The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods:

SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Was Hawaii hacked? An exposed password may have allowed it.

Hawaii Hacked?

Human engineering, the bane of system administrators the world over has struck again. The Associated Press had a photo from inside Hawaii’s emergency management agency that showed a post-it note attached to a window with a critical password written on it. You would think that agencies would at least circulate a memo and/or give a warning to employees about leaving such information out in the open when visitors are in the center. The logical position is to ban such behavior, but humans, being what they are, will simply ignore such bans. Thanks to P.S. for the link.

Venezuela Money

The socialist utopia of Venezuela’s money has now basically stopped working. The store shelves are empty anyways, but one can apparently find 20-bolivar bills strewn about the trash. The small denomination isn’t even worth the paper it is printed on. As the article points out, looters won’t even stop to pick them up. Each on of those bills (officially pegged at $2 USD) is worth on $0.0001. Humorously, when you point out the failure of Venezuela to an American socialist proponent, you get the standard pat answer: “It wasn’t implemented right”. Thanks to S.R. for the link.

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