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  1. When the law no longer serves the people, but the people are made to serve the law…
    You remove the law makers, and law enforcers.

    There is no alternative. In Commie terms… (Smirk) remove the privileged…

  2. I wrote to Trump and my Idaho reps last month. The Administration has received a ton of push back on any/all gun/red-flag legislation. The bill being debated in the House right now is receiving excellent pushback from our young conservative congress critters. I don’t believe Trump will sign a flawed gun bill. If he does, I’ll be completely shocked. He’s into “promises made, promises kept”.

    Bottom line: just don’t comply. So what if it makes you a “felon”. If they can make you a felon on a whim, then so be it. Let’s all be felons then. I’m serious.

  3. This is a piece of the puzzle that is slowly being constructed on firearm registration and the ultimate banning of this and that. IF THEY CARED AND GAVE A DAMN THEY WOULD FOCUS ON CHICAGO, BALTIMORE, ETC AND GO FROM THERE…INSTEAD THEY THEIR PRIORITY IS DISARMING THE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS…ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

  4. This may be a opportunity to have NFA34 and GCA 68 to be declared unconstitutional and void and a lot of local laws that are even more aggregious if these are challenged under these INFRINGEMENTS.

  5. I wouldn’t hold my breath that nothing will pass. Don’t put anything past the politicians, and always count on the stupidity of the American public. Something will get passed, at some point, and sooner rather than later. Once that door is cracked open it won’t get closed again. Plan now for what you want your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to have. Put the fun guns you want on the back burner, and focus on the necessities.

  6. I see hi-cap mags going, personally.
    Sadly, thats a no brainer. And it seems to hold up in courts.
    80%-Agreed 100%
    UBC-Is all show, until a Registry. Think about it.
    What MAY occur… is ATF getting Legal Access to Copy 4473’s During Compliance Checks. That will be a First step in Building A Registry.
    Most arrests will be because of Stings and Deal Cutting(people trying to get out of trouble with LE for other crimes)
    USE CAUTION when selling!

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