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Signs Of The Times – Part 2, by St. Funogas

(Continued from Part 1.)

Ukraine corruption — When it comes to the Russia sanctions the only conclusion I can come to is that things, as always, are not as they appear and we’re all being played by the PTB who run the world. The one certainty is that the sanctions have nothing to do with world leaders feeling sorry for Ukraine, but rather, they’re not letting a good crisis go to waste or an opportunity to punish Russia. Only six months ago they were calling Ukraine’s government corrupt and evil, ranking in the bottom third of the corruption scale compiled by Transparency International due to things like genocide between 2014 and 2021. Now, premises based on the Gates/Soros/Bilderberger theories start making a lot more sense. The uber-wealthy are conspirators by nature and with their billions have far more influence over world events and pushing their agenda that doesn’t bode well for any of us. They also have the means and the patience to pull off that agenda and the Ukraine “crisis” is no exception.

If we believe that Soros/Gates and the Bilderberger crowd are intent on bringing about a New World Order, a Big Reset, or any other freedom-quashing agenda, why would the war in Ukraine be anything more than the most current crisis they’re taking advantage of in order to achieve their ends by appealing to our emotions?

Pearl Harbor – We’ve heard the war slogan “Remember Pearl Harbor!” all our lives. How many of us have asked ourselves why a tiny country like Japan came 4,000 miles across the Pacific to pick on a huge country like the United States who had a much superior military? What about that could possibly make sense? We see ourselves as the victims, 3,000 of our boys died there for no good reason. Why would Japan do that? Very few have checked our premises by digging into the details. The PTB excel at taking advantage of our ignorance of history.

Japan felt at that point, they had nothing to lose and possibly something to gain by striking a blow to the US’s Pacific Fleet. Prior to Pearl Harbor the US had imposed all kinds of sanctions on Japan. How did those sanctions turn out for We the People? How did we benefit? The US had frozen or outright stolen Japan’s financial assets in US banks just as they’ve done with Russia. The US sanctioned oil imports to Japan just as they’ve sanctioned oil exports from Russia. The US sanctioned iron and other metals going to Japan trying to stifle their war effort, just as they’ve sanctioned metals coming out of Russia, metals which are technologically important to the rest of the world including lithium and other rare metals which they’re the leading exporters of. What about that makes sense? Our servicemen were the victims at Pearl Harbor, victims of their own government’s bad choices which none of us benefitted from. Many researchers have arrived at the conclusion that Roosevelt and the Joint Chiefs knew it was coming after we broke Japan’s military codes, but did nothing to stop it in order to get We the People behind their efforts to get us into the war.

War cries and cannon fodder — Once our government convinced us that we were innocent victims, We the People rallied behind the PTB who wanted us to go to war. The purpose of war slogans are to touch our emotions and spur us to give our consent. Remember the Maine! Remember the Lusitania! Remember Pearl Harbor! They’re nearly always based on false flag operations and similar deceptions to deceive We the People. After Pearl Harbor, the US was finally able to overthrow and occupy Japan, the ultimate goal of the Spanish American War in 1898. The PTB always have the patience to carry out their goals even if it takes 42 years in the case of Japan. What did We the People gain from all that? More cannon fodder helping the PTB to achieve their goals. Funeral homes gained but not We the People. Our servicemen fought bravely as they always do, but only after We the People had been manipulated into sending them off to the trenches. This should be a loud wake-up call to those currently foaming at the mouth to go to go kick some Russian butt.

Sanctions never work — Sanctions never work and they won’t this time. Just like the Japan sanctions, the blowback will result in us being dragged into war, again, so we can sacrifice thousands of our boys, again, as the cannon fodder the PTB needs to carry out their goals, again, of a Big Reset and our further march toward a New World Order. When are we going to learn?

Shooting Ourselves in the Foot

When I look at the results of the sanctions against Russia they just don’t make any sense if their purpose is to end the war. So before swallowing the official storyline, I have to check my premises to try to figure out a more sensible explanation for what’s going on.

Does it make sense that Europe is on the brink of banning Russian natural gas when it accounts for 40% of what they use or are they just shooting themselves in the foot? The amount of oil other exporters can supply them with is minimal, much more expensive, and can only cause higher prices for We the People not just for oil, but for the thousands of other products which use petroleum derivatives. OPEC has started moving in a different direction as evidenced by the fact that the Saudis wouldn’t even accept Biden’s phone call to beg for more oil.

We the People, not our “leaders” who are forcing sanctions on Russia, will suffer the most via inflation at a time when inflation is already killing us. Increased oil prices will lessen the effects of the oil embargo: Russia doesn’t need to sell so many barrels per month, they only need to generate a certain income each month. When world prices go up, selling fewer barrels for a much higher price will still give them the income they need. The two largest countries in the world, Chain and India, are not boycotting Russian oil. Who’s really benefitting from these sanctions that can only drive gasoline and other prices up for We the People? What’s the true premise here? Who’s really driving these sanctions? Who benefits?

Environmental “Crisis” — We generally agree the climate change movement is another manufactured “crisis.” The Greenies who are forcing countries to stupidly shut down most of their nuclear reactors are almost certainly backed by the Soros gang to hasten their Big Reset plans to fruition. Why would shutting down reactors make any sense to politicians who are already so heavily dependent on foreign oil, or to Greenies when nuclear provides the most carbon-free electricity possible? What’s the true premise here that would make sense to us? Are Greenies acting as useful idiots for the PTB or is climate change really an issue we need to worry about?

Effects of diminished fertilizer supplies — Russia is also the leading producer of potash in the world, an essential ingredient for fertilizer production and we again have to ask ourselves, who is benefitting from the boycott on essential fertilizer ingredients? The three most important crops grown in the US and many other countries as well, wheat, corn and soybeans, are all dependent on fertilizer to produce necessary harvests. How does it make any sense that the US and the West would put fertilizer export sanctions on Russia when it’s going to seriously diminish harvests everywhere on the planet? The sanctions have already caused fertilizer to go from $220 a ton to $1,700/ton. Who’s going to absorb that price increase? We’ll be paying much higher prices for everything since the majority of our food products come from those grains including all of our beef, chicken, milk and eggs which are fed almost entirely on corn and soybean-based feeds. What makes sense about banning Russian wheat when they’re the largest wheat exporter in the world? What’s the true premise and how can We the People possibly benefit? Government number crunchers are all too aware of the consequences so it seems obvious that something bigger is at play here. Do the wealthy PTB who can pay any price for anything care about the inflation the rest of us peons are having difficulty dealing with?

Britain’s fish and chip shops, just now recovering from the covid lockdowns, are predicting that a third of them will be out of business by the end of the year due to inflated vegetable oil prices as well as shortages and rationing of the same. Much of that oil comes from Russia in the form of sunflower oil. What are fish and chip shops, their customers, and fishermen gaining from the sanctions?


Most of us probably saw the recent news stories where the CIA, for once, came right out and said the Ukraine news they feed to the mainstream media is propaganda, designed to “get inside Putin’s head” and to gain American’s support for getting into the war. A recent survey shows 35% of Americans think we should be involved already. What could that 35% possibly be thinking We the People have to gain? We’re as close to WW III as we’ve ever been yet 35% want to push us and the rest of the world over the edge into the waiting arms of world catastrophe. We talk about the Soros/Gates/etc. group wanting to decrease the surplus population and yet we can’t put two and two together on Ukraine. Is it really going to be worth a decreased standard of living for We the People just for the satisfaction of grinding Russia’s face into the dirt?

Zelesnskyy’s propaganda campaign — Ukraine’s Zelenskyy has spouted so many lies and propaganda to the news outlets they’re obvious to anyone with critical thinking skills. Some of his false accusations use knee-jerk words like “genocide.” Time and time again he’s telling us what Russia is going to do, mostly likely to prime us for the nest false flag attack he’s getting ready to pull off so when they happen everyone will believe it was the Russians.

I can understand why he’s using propaganda: if your country was being overrun by your neighbor who had superior military capabilities, what wouldn’t you personally say to try to get the rest of the world to help you? The photos of dead civilians laying in the streets was almost certainly a false flag event, again to get the sympathy of the world so they’d come to the rescue. Would you kill 100 of your own people to get the world’s attention and help? It’s the old Ethics 101 “trolley car problem,” should you kill one to save the ten?

But understanding that he’s spouting propaganda in desperation doesn’t change the fact that it’s still lies for the sole purpose of manipulating us and the rest of the world, and part of what’s influencing the 35% of Americans who are ready to rush off to war. We’re fed a lot of propaganda about the war, not just from Zelenskyy but our own CIA who admits to being part of the equation and by default, the US media outlets. Is it all “good” propaganda or could some of it possibly be working against We the People in order to further some agenda we’re not even considering in our premises? What can We the People possibly gain from it?

Six months ago Zelenskyy was a thug despised by the rest of the world (except Hunter Biden) and now he’s a hero everyone empathizes with. It doesn’t make sense or change the fact that he’s still a propagandizing anti-freedom thug.

Elon Musk and Twitter Censorship — When Elon Musk was first trying to buy Twitter to show the world how far we’ve fallen from the concept of free speech, CNBC derided him for trying to do such a thing saying, [in effect] “It not his job to tell people what to think, that’s our job!” Propaganda is as rampant as ever and though we fail to admit it, our tribalism makes us just as susceptible as the next guy.

Due to successful propaganda at the outset of the Ukraine war, We the People jumped on board and we’re now headed ever closer to the waterfall more quickly than anyone could have predicted six months ago. Why do we decry propaganda and censorship on all the major outlets in the US, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, who have an obvious agenda, but then fail to recognize it when the war in Ukraine is also a huge pile of steaming propaganda to further a hidden agenda and work against the best interests of We the People? Read up on Operation Mockingbird to get a better idea of the CIA’s secret campaign to influence the media.

Soros & Co. Agenda — Many believe the Soros/Gates/Bildeberger/Council on Foreign Relations /Fabian Society/ Trilateral Commission/Jekyll Island plans and events are true, yet we don’t even consider that the war in Ukraine is almost certainly one more crisis, one more sham the PTB are taking advantage of to bring about their Great Reset. We sit in front of our televisions as spectators, cheering the war on while never questioning what needs to be questioned. None of it makes sense so again, I’m checking my premises.

(To be continued tomorrow, in Part 3.)