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Searching For a Qualified Retreat Caretaker Couple/Family

This post is a bit unusual for SurvivalBlog.  On behalf of one of my consulting clients, I’ve begun the search for a caretaker couple (or family) to live and work full-time at a ranch in northwestern Montana. The ranch is more than 150 mostly-timbered acres with a creek, small ponds, and a multi-acre reservoir. There are no nearby neighbors. The ranch adjoins National Forest Service land. The wildlife on the land includes deer, elk, moose, bears (both grizzly and black), turkeys, grouse, wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, lynx, and birds galore. The reservoir is stocked with fish. The property has multiple dwellings including a caretaker house and various outbuildings. All of the dwellings have amazing mountain views. The owner has the requisite budget and is making rapid progress at getting the ranch ready to function as a self-sufficient survival retreat. It will soon be fully stocked and equipped to be self-sufficient for an extended period.

The paid year-round caretaking position includes lodging in a 1,600 square foot log caretaker house, provided with heating and water utilities paid, as part of your compensation.

But before I can tell you anything more about this amazing ranch retreat, I need to know about you. I need to know if you meet the qualifications for employment. The ideal candidates must be able to check off the following bullets:

The couple must be:

The husband must:

Have a “can do” attitude. Have U.S. Army or USMC experience — or alternatively extensive police SWAT experience, or overseas intel/security contractor experience. Ideally, we are seeking a former company-grade officer or NCO qualified in any of the following Combat Arms/Combat Support OSCs/MOSes (or any of the USMC equivalent specialties):

And ideally, with prior or secondary MOS experience in any of the following mechanical MOSes:

Some Plusses:

The wife must:

Be practical. Be willing and able to do greenhouse and large plot gardening. She must keep good discipline of your children and pets. A homeshooling mom would be ideal. (For security and health reasons, your children cannot attend public school.) Please note that there are some nursing and secretarial jobs available, locally.

Prior military service for the wife (in any of the aforementioned MOSes) and/or medical experience is a big plus, but not necessary.

If you meet these qualifications, then please e-mail a cover letter and resume, to:  james@rawles.to, and I will personally handle the initial contacts. Once we’ve narrowed the list of candidates, your contacts will then be with the ranch owner.

Please pray seriously about this, before responding. – JWR