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Potential Special Opportunity for a Preparedness-Minded Individual or Family, by Mr. Heritage, Sr.

Editor’s Introductory Note: The following is a letter from the father of a family with a single adult son. The photo above is not of the farm that is mentioned.
We are a Christian family.  We are first asking for prayers and there is a possibility either you or someone you know may be an answer to a prayer, so we are turning to the greater blog community for help.  We live on a diversified family farm in a rural area of a Midwestern state.  There is something where you may be able to help: As we currently have one young adult unmarried son, we are searching and praying for him to find his spouse.
My son is a healthy, physically fit college-educated Christian young man who lives on our family farm.  We are blessed in being able to live full-time at our farm, but we ask that our prayers be answered soon for him to find his spouse.
My son being in need of a spouse could be a good opportunity for the right Christian young woman to become part of our farm family.
Please think of your network of family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and so forth.  Who do you know matching this basic description?  Maybe it is you, your daughter, your granddaughter, sister, sister-in-law, niece, cousin, friend of your wife, church friend’s daughter, or neighbor.
My son is praying and looking to meet a single young Christian woman who:
If you or your daughter matches this criteria, could you please send us a message?  We are a friendly Christian family and look forward to corresponding with you.
If you know of someone who matches the criteria, could you please tell them about this opportunity?  I realize a lot of people who read SurvivalBlog are grandparents, so if your granddaughter, a friend’s daughter, or other relative matches the criteria please tell her or her father.
Because we do own a farm, I cannot for OPSEC reasons disclose too much over the blog.
We are willing to correspond with the young woman or the father of the young woman meeting those criteria.  Our family is not promising anything other than prayerfully considering your message and seeking to determine compatibility.
In your message to our family, please introduce yourself in detail such as describing yourself and your family, religious beliefs, hobbies, and interests.  If you are the father, please describe the same about your daughter.
Please just send our family plain text e-mails.  Anything other than plain text e-mails such as messages with attachments will be automatically deleted.  You can correspond with our family at heritagefarmfamily (at sign) protonmail (dot) com