Preparedness Notes for Monday — May 4, 2020

The pandemic hiatus is over! I’m pleased to announce that we’re again taking orders for Elk Creek Company. We now have more than 75 carefully hand-selected Federally exempt (no FFL required) antique cartridge guns available — rifles, pistols, and shotguns.  They are all being sold “first come, first served.” We accept payments via credit card, and mail them right to your doorstep or post office box. (Consult your state and local laws, before ordering.)

Nearly all of these guns are shootable, and many of them are chambered in modern calibers. For example, take a look at a Winchester Model 1885 Low Wall made in 1887, but now chambered in .22 Hornet, and equipped with modern scope. And we have three Webley Mark I revolvers that were originally in .455 Eley, but that were altered to shoot .45 ACP cartridges. Similarly, we are also offering an antique Colt Single Action Army made in 1882 that was converted to .44 Special!

I should also mention that we’ve also now added just a few recent-production replica guns. These are chambered for obsolete cartridges such as .44 S&W Russian, and .45-90 Winchester. That puts these new guns in the Federally exempt “antique” category. Here is just one example: a Uberti S&W New Model 3 .44 Russian 7″ — Like New, No FFL! (Pictured above.)

One other special note: I’ve put very low sale prices on three percussion (muzzleloader) guns in the non-shootable “wall hanger” category. Take a look.

Since March, gun shows all across America have been cancelled or postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But this is your chance to attend a virtual gun show and buy yourself a great no paperwork gun!

Note that I will be traveling again in the month of June, on a quest to replenish our inventory.  We won’t be taking any orders from June 1st to July 1st. So be sure to get your order in soon.  Thanks!

Today, we present a review written by our Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio.


  1. LA riots: Rioter in infamous footage of trucker being pulled from vehicle says ‘nothing has changed’ since 1992
    Andrew Buncombe
    May 3, 2020
    The Independent

    “Today, Watson, who was involved in one of the most notorious incidents in the riots and civil unrest that followed the acquittal of four white police officers over the beating a year earlier of black motorist Rodney King, says he has no regrets about what he did.”

    “Asked if the 55-year-old Watson would have responded in the same way as his younger self, he says he would have.”

    1. Only those recent replicas that are either muzzleloaders OR cartridge guns chambered for cartridges that are no longer factory made and “not available in ordinary commerce.”

  2. It also depends on your state – you will not be able to get *any* of these in NJ in any way shape or form. All forms of cartridge guns and ML’s need to go to FFL’s – if this seller will ship to NJ I would be surprised. Hell even airguns are regulated like firearms.

    So glad we have been paying attention all these years, 60Miles WnW of Timesquare, we are surviving – its not the redoubt, but we make do with what we have.

    Farm country is the way to live – and by the grace of God, the ‘FAL’ and none of her girlfriends have not had to bark at anyone.

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