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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at some disturbing coronavirus news.

Desperate to Stop Virus’ Spread, Countries Limit Travel

The AP reports:  Desperate to stop virus’ spread, countries limit travel. A pericope:

“Officials scrambled Tuesday to halt the spread of the burgeoning new virus, from northern Italy where troops were dispatched to enforce quarantines and schools were shuttered, to South Korea, where some neighborhoods in a city of 2.5 million were brought to a near standstill.

New clusters of the illness popped up far from its apparent point of origin in China, fueling apprehension in world financial markets and political institutions. The spread fueled an increased sense of urgency among officials in some of the wealthiest nations in Europe and Asia, as well as in countries like Iran, with far fewer resources to stem the disease. But many remained uncertain about how best to contain it.”

Coronavirus: Outbreak Spreads in Europe from Italy

Linked over at the news aggregation site, there is this from the BBC: Coronavirus: Outbreak spreads in Europe from Italy. JWR’s Comments: These reports of an asymptomatic spread now makes a global pandemic almost a certainty.  In my estimation, the remaining key questions are:  1.) What are the true morbidity (infection) rates and the mortality rates — including those who are re-infected? 2.) What will be the hospitalization rate, in the U.S.?   (There are only 900,000 hospital beds for a national population of 350 million.)  3.) Are there enough hospital ventilators, for those who become critically ill? (I’m fairly sure that there are not.) 4.) Will the China-dependent supply chains break down for antibiotics, intubation supplies, N95 masks, and so forth? 5.) What are the full global economic implications? This may very well be the Black Swan event that were warned about.

P&G Warns 17,600 Products Possibly Hit by Coronavirus

Reader DSV sent this news of supply chain chaos: P&G warns 17,600 products possibly hit by coronavirus.  The article’s opening lines:

“P&G’s CFO Jon Moeller, speaking at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York conference in the US, said P&G used 387 suppliers across China, shipping more than 9,000 materials.”

Soviet Spy Radio Found Buried in Germany

Reader Tim J. sent us this: Sophisticated Soviet spy radio discovered buried in former forest in Germany. The article begins:

“Archaeologists digging for the remains of a Roman villa near the German city of Cologne have found a sophisticated Soviet spy radio that was buried there shortly before the fall of the Iron Curtain.

The spy radio was buried inside a large metal box that was hermetically sealed with a rubber ring and metal screws. Although the radio’s batteries had run down after almost 30 years in the ground, the box hissed with inrushing air when it was opened.”

US Army Strategic Cannon Planned with 1,000+ Mile Range

“Range Beyond 1,000 Miles” – Leaked Images Reveal US Army Super Cannon

Top Investor Asks for Advice on “Stockpiling Food”

Reader DSV sent this item: Top Investor Asks For Advice on “Stockpiling Food”. Here is the article’s intro:

“Investor and Bedrock founder Geoff Lewis is asking for advice on stockpiling food in another illustration of how the spread of coronavirus is driving fears of shortages.

Lewis, who was an early investor in Lyft, surprised some when he asked Twitter users how to go about prepping for potential food supply interruptions.”

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  1. February 29, 2020
    Adam Taggert interveiws James Wesley, Rawles: Practical Coronavirus Preparation

    February 29, 2020
    Another excellent and very informative video from Chris Martensen
    The Last Day to Prepare (mostly)

    (There is on average, about 8% of the Total Cases reported are in the Serious/Critical category, in the countries that I believe may have the most trustworthy numbers. This means one can deduce from any total number who are cited as infected, that 8% would be ‘critical’ or serious’.)

    What does this market meltdown mean?
    The world is awash in debt. With the global economy headed into a depression, and unable to service it, will result in a cascade of defaults from top to bottom that no amount of money printing can resolve. It appears that this could is evolving into a ‘perfect storm’.

    February 29, 2020
    Bill Holter – Credit Game Over – Debt Cannot Be Paid – Buy Gold

    First Corona virues death in the state of Washington:

    Recommended by the poster K.B., M.D. 3 days ago. It is very well worth repeating. Improper decontamination procedure could result in subsequent infection.
    See this schedule to determine the concentrations of various disinfectants, and the time they need be to in contact with viruses to disinfect.

    The least expensive disinfectant is bleach, or calcium hypochlorite (pool shock). Check this schedule. A 21% solution of either will kill viruses after 30 seconds. A 10% solution requires at least 10 minutes. A minimum of 70% alcohol is needed to kill viruses after 30 seconds of contact etc. A 50% concentration of alcohol would require 30 minutes. If 50% solution of alcohol does not remain in contact with the virus for 30 minutes, because it evaporates, then the decontamination process was not successful. To manage our limited resources wisely, we should plan on using various methods and chemicals for different disinfecting jobs. Knowing the correct amount to use for various jobs is critical.

    How to produce laboratory grade uncapped nano silver with a concentration of 60 ppm in about an hour.

    Note that 15mA is running a bit hot and best left to the ‘pros’ with lab equipment. Control current in three ways by voltage, resistor, or potentiometer. 5mA is a safe level that will more likely produce the smallest nano silver particles.

    Here is a parts list:
    smid=A1THAZDOWP300U&psc=1 ( x 4 at $13.35)

    Grand Total $107.91

    From what I’ve seen so far, many colloidal silver making machine are on the market, yet most will not match the quality, quantity, and the very low cost of the this DYI rig.

    With these parts, my goal is to build 4 generators that will produce 1 gallon of 60ppm nano silver in the 1 to 50 nm size range, every 3 hours, that can be cut to 6 gallons at 10ppm each. Amazon sells one gallon of 10ppm of unknown quality colloidal silver for $99.00.

    I will follow the instructions in the video as closely as I can replicate, but reduce the current to 5ma, so that there will be more particles in the 1 to 10 nm range that can target viruses, as well as bacteria. The low current of 5mA reduces the need for turbulence that aids in the quality of the production. An aquarium aerator, and modest heat will provide adequate stirring to move silver particles away from the rods. Another advantage of very small nano silver, is that it may also be quickly absorbed by the soft tissue of the mouth and airways, and goes into the blood stream, and thereby avoids the acids in the stomach. It will be more effective in a nebulizer , or warm mist humidifier for rooms. Silver particles under 10nm may also pass through the blood brain barrier. Double steam distilled water will be made with an adapted stainless steel pressure cooker, and 3/16” copper tubing that will remove all the dissolved salts, and minerals that are left behind in most store bought distilled water.

    1. Here is a simple guild to review one’s food storage that may help to identify any
      area that might be lacking.

      Most are sorely lacking in oils and fats that is needed for frying, and for reducing the bulk one must consume. One gram of carbohydrates contains 8 calories. If 8 calories of carbohydrates are consumed, 4 calories are required to process it, leaving a net sum of 4 calories available for the body to use. This is also case with proteins of any kind. However, 1 gram of fats and oils contain 9 calories. To process, the body only uses 1 calorie, and nets 8 calories for the body to use. As we can see, fats and oils provide an very efficient form of calories, and also nutrition. One of the most difficult food items to create from farming, or hunting, is fats and oils. This is one reason that hogs for raising and selling for cash, were popular during the Great Depression. From a short and long term perspective, this food item should be high on the list.

      Something else to consider is the fact that in the cold bitter inter mountain north west, fat should be at least 40% of one caloric intake if one needs to be out in the cold for hours at a time. Before such activity, I’ll have a fatty meal that keeps the toes and hands warm. No other food provides such benefit.

      1. Hi Charles K.,

        Only one pair is needed to get started. This is the missing link you are looking for.

        The parts list is for an experimental build for 2, or 4 generators using alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries of any brand. Voltage is not critical, yet should be limited to no more than 27vdc, amperage is the key variable. Reducing voltage will reduce amperage. The part list is for 4 low current 12vdc or less generators, that requires approximately 3-4 hours using 5mA that should produce the desired smallest nano silver particles. Higher voltages, 18vdc is desirable with currents up to 15mA maximum may be used to reduce processing times to only 1 hour, yet may produce more larger particles than smaller particles in the 1 to 50nm range. However this is a proven set of parameters. If the low voltage generator is not adequate, run the AA battery packs in series to produce around 18vdc. Use 4 or 5 discharged AA batteries wrapped in foil as place holders to reduce voltage in one battery pack. Only one 2.7ohm resistor per battery pile, that is essentially 11 to 13 AA in series, is needed, or a variable resistor that is a potentiometer can be used as well.
        If you can step up to the best quality TDS meter that is lab grade in accuracy, please step to the the Hanna brand that is also sold on Amazon. A laser pointer is also very helpful as confirming particle size, and the filtering process will determine if an undesirable large quantity of silver oxide is begin produced. This is a comparative eye ball measurement only. Less is better. Let me know if I can help in the future. We can learn together.

      2. Hi Charles K,
        Here is the steam distiller I’ll make to produce double steam distilled water for making nano silver. We need the pmm to next to zero. Most store bought distilled water is not true distilled water, but de-ionized water that when checked, shows a low ppm, only because the salts and minerals that are in the water were stripped of their electrons. It is not true distilled water. Increase storage battery life by 5% by using steam distilled water. This set up can also purify unsafe to drink water, and distill alcohol up to a maximum 80% concentration, also good for killing Corona Virus. I don’t condone drinking, but it ain’t a sin in moderation.

        Here is are the parts to get started.

        One pressure cooker from the thrift store, or large pot with tight fitting metal lid.

      1. I can image that the deep state tentacles are well embedded there. Rumor has it, that the Army is expecting for up to 3 million dead with in 6 months in the U.S. . That is only rumor, yet seems plausible given what we know, and don’t know. That means they may estimate the CFR to be nearly 2%, and that rings true as well. 2% is a good rough number, and on par with the Spanish Flu, unfortunately it is probably based upon hospitalization. 2% is an average of all age groups. Our group could range from 8 to 14% with hospitalization. Anything we can do to combat this will help, even if it is a placebo effect, it helps.

  2. JWR–in answer to your question # 3 above–no, there are no where near enough ventilators for this. I’ve been in this field 42 years, and I know we’re not prepared. In my county alone, there are 134,296 people, two hospitals, 35 ICU beds, and only 8 ventilators. And I won’t even mention the lack of RN’s to staff those ventilators for 24 hours a day. Lord, please help us all!

    1. In my county of 60,000 people, things are even more worrisome. One company owns and runs both hospitals and over the last 15 years I have been here they have cut staff in every area – nursing, respiratory therapy, radiology – to the point that even daily operations on a good day are only possible due to the extreme dedication of the remaining staff. Those former staff who have been unceremoniously let go would not come back to the company for any amount of money, the bitterness is THAT strong. I doubt there are more than 10 vents in the entire county, and only 8 ICU beds. The hospital’s plan is to funnel all visitors through the font lobby for screening – but they are afraid to infringe on a certain ethnic population’s “right” to bring all their kids to visit grandma and let them run amuck in the halls.
      Dr. Martenson’s latest video is a good summary of all the current information, and a scathing reveal of the failure of the CDC and the WHO to properly prepare the people for what is happening. He predicts a lull in infections this summer while the virus spreads unchecked in the southern hemisphere for their cold/flu season, then a worse rebound in the northern hemisphere this coming winter.

      1. Yikes. Your county situation is probably more normal than we realize. Just last month the nurses at Seattle Swedish hospital went on strike more for patient care, than pay. There has been a nurse shortage in the US for years, and now appears it will only become worse with COVID-19 increasing patient numbers. What amazes me, is that the nursing schools still have extremely small class sizes, limiting the number of qualified applicants. There simply is not space for all the excellent students wanting to become RN’s. I am currently an undergraduate and hear from professors and others about the difficulties involved. For myself, I am in the Lord’s hands, and want to go wherever He leads me, so I do not worry about that. If He parted the Red Sea for Moses, He can part nursing school red tape for me. I thank you for sharing, and say a prayer for you and your loved ones that the Lord will protect and provide for you.

        1. Thanks, Krissy. Student class size is a complex relationship between market conditions, the need to properly train students and the desire of the school to make a profit. I work as a rad tech and the same factors apply, a kind of boom-bust cycle where schools try to avoid glutting the market to keep wages higher. You really do not want a large class size because you will need the ability to interact with your instructor and clinical mentors, and you do not want to be competing with your fellow students for patient contacts.
          Having said all that, my area does not have the reservoir of healthcare workers that it once did, mainly due to low wages and chronic understaffing by the hospitals. Our nurses begin to get upset when the patient ratio hits 5:1, the hospital’s protocol is 6:1 max in med-surg. ICU ratio is 2 nurses and a telemetry tech for the 4-bed unit. Students will probably be used as nurse’s aides (at the least) if this virus becomes widespread. And I have no idea who will staff an off-site patient warehouse if things get really bad.

    2. This is the reality for which most are not truly prepared…

      I say this often: “Prevention is the only game in town.”

      …but that said, it’s fair to say that prevention is going to be exceedingly difficult, especially given that people who appear to recover may fall into a second phase of illness.

      An interesting discussion of this suggested that the virus may cause illness that is either 1) biphasic, or 2) that infected people may not develop sufficient immunities to truly recover fully and be cured.

  3. The true morbidity counts are a difficult thing to determine currently. There is a high probability that the morbidity information from China, Iran, and North Korea is unreliable. South Korea, Japan, and Italy are the countries to watch as analogs to the USA and we are much more likely to get good data from those countries.

    The supply chains have already broken down both internationally and domestically. Antibiotics to combat normal seasonal illnesses and the secondary pneumonia from Covid 19 have almost vanished from the USA normal distribution channels. If you ask your local health care providers they can tell you this. 3M is producing N95 masks 24×7 and the Chinese have stopped shipping N95 masks to the USA. Buying a mask in the USA currently is almost impossible to do. The masks are out of stock everywhere. In many places in the USA bottle water and toilet paper are disappearing from the shelves. Background checks for gun sales were near record levels in January.

    The worst case scenario for the USA is pandemic without the needed tools to fight the pandemic. If the critical care facilities are overwhelmed and antibiotics are scarce the outcomes could be bad. Hopefully quarantine efforts will be successful, and U.S. citizens and companies will realize that a prepared lifestyle without a fragile global supply chain is a much better strategy. This could provide a much needed wake up call to a sleeping citizenry. That is my hope and prayer.

  4. My husband and I took a look at our get home bags again and we have now added some PPE items in light of everything happening.
    I continue to read the book Three Seconds Until Midnight, the statistics are disturbing about how UNPREPARED our country really is, everyone should really read this.

    I noticed that they are out of lots of things on Amazon or they are being sold by “third party “ people who are shamefully trying to gouge people.

    Praying for all of you

  5. so one person has died from Covid 19 virus in US and possibly 60-70 are infected. To put it in real perspective 15 people in NC died this past week from Influenza B strain, 115 have died statewide this flu season and nationwide deaths are in the 1000’s from this same strain of influenza.

    What we are not being told is 36,000 + of the 87,000 +- of known Covid 19 infections have recovered. Also many of the deaths from the coronavirus and are actually caused by underlying conditions in the infected and most are men with pre-existing lung/heart conditions.

    The news media will string their doom and gloom BS out as far as they can get mileage from it. The hysterical and histrionic reporting has replaced the Trump/Russia collusion lead stories and gives them something to get attention in their 10-15 second sound bites.

    Do I believe all the govt reports of containment? Absolutely not ! Will this play out like SARS, bird flu, et al ? Probably. But I think we all need to take a step back and be extremely skeptical of all the media madness going on this time.

    1. Cui bono.
      H G Wells’ War of the Worlds radio broadcast, effective 1930’s
      Martensen et al, effective 2020
      Vaccines for ALL, Hurray!!!

    2. Thank you for the forthcoming information. Trump held his press conference last week. Stating 15 active cases without the cruise ship numbers. 100,000s per year perish with the common flu this year alone in the USA. China’s Corona virus numbers are contained outside of Wuhan. So looking better and better.

      The media wants the the stock market to crash and will pitch the Peloci and Shummer doom and gloom porn till the election.

      What kind of leaders want Americans to lose soo much in our wealth to make the other party fail so they can have the “power”.

      Psychopaths!!!! These antichrist principled democrats leading a Christian nation with a Christain based constitution.


      1. I agree. Follow the money. The total numbers of affected in the past 2 months is not that vast. By reports about 80percent are not that sick. Similar to a flu or bad cold. More have passed from flu, overdoses, accidents etc than this. It seem vaccines will be pushed and it’s quite odd to me that tests for the virus as well as even some saying a vaccine has been found is odd since this Corona virus is so new. I just recall the BILL Gages October mapping of a spread of this. And the many ‘conspiracy’ stores on how this started and if it could have been lab made. Many odd items. It’s money to be made, a lot of control and who knows. The democrats in the last debate seemed to want to blame our president. Never let an crisis go to waste. This one surely isn’t so far at least. And no one really mentions vitamins and other natural methods to keep the immune system strong. I hope the warm weather and more sunlight ends this terrible mess. God Bless

    3. It ain’t the COVID 19 that will cause the real problems, although it is another disease that will kill 20,000 of every million people.

      It’s the screeching halt of the panicked globe.

      Our Washington State Governor grasps every unreal chance to incite panic and declare disasters. This just gave him another power grab to misuse Billions of higher taxes.

      Even the Navy here in WA Is in full panic mode now. Cancelling concerts, etc..

      But here is my real cause for concern:

      On MEDCRAM, Dr. Seheult reviewed a study of 1000 individuals that showed 380 infected people had FALSE negative results reported from the current state of the art test. When they had follow up CT scans, they showed up positive.

      In other words, lots folks with false negative tests have been released….too soon, our in our world.

      US Sen Patty Murray ( D-WA) did a news release interview last week blasting Trump for not providing more testing kits this week. She is seriously dangerous to our public.

      Like they say in Jeremiah Johnson, watch yer topknot.

  6. Re: Soviet Radio…
    The headline says ‘former forest’, is it no longer a forest? A strip mall or an Amazon distribution center maybe? (lol)

  7. JWR-

    In talking with an epidemiologist about this virus they scratch their head. Most viruses/diseases have a very definable R0, morbidity rate, etc. NOT COVID19. They ranges are all over the place. Since epidemiologist work on statistics this confuses them and instead of thinking “outside the box” and issuing a range for morbidity, R0 etc they don’t want to issue anything. I saw a research piece concerning the detection after cure. It basically discussed that there are diseases and viruses that will show up in bodily fluids for months but yet those are not viable RNA. They pointed to Ebola and Zika. Unfortunately I can not share the source since I agreed not to.

    As to hospital beds and vents- one of our local hospitals is regularly on a capacity alert (running out of beds). Something to remember is that hospital beds are licensed by the state, many times a hospital will have room for more beds but doesn’t want to pay the fees for licensed beds. Many older hospitals had 2 beds per room, many have gone down to one. So there may be a little room for extra surge there IF the state health department relax licensure requirements. The other thing you can expect is “Altered level of care” – so say a state requires 1 RN for every 5 patients , the state department of health could alter that to be 10 or even 20. Same for other staff. Most hospitals also have surge plans. These would be temporary sites set up like in convention centers or gyms. But everything comes down to the availability of Vents. So if 20% of the cases are critical the numbers that I have seen are anywhere from 40%-47% of those cases require a vent. Persons put on a vent stay on it for about 2 weeks. Some hospitals and states and probably the feds have surge vents that are powered off of a hospital oxygen system. Think air driven like your air tools in your garage. But again how many? The good news in all this is that the vast majority of cases ARE MILD and do NOT require hospitalization. People will be home bound like with the flu and thus not go to work. It is these cases (not the numbers hospitalized) that have impacted the Chinese economy. Do we really think China closed down multiple cities BIGGER than NYC for a couple of hundred hospitalizations? No it was due to the wild spread and absenteeism rate. Thus way they went door to door pulling sick out of their homes in an attempt to stop the spread by isolating the sick/exposed.

    There is no question what so ever that the economic fallout will be huge, but I think everyone needs to remember it will be temporary, except for about 1% (at this time). Supply chain issues are going to be big. Will China play games with who gets what first? Probably. Besides the economic issues the next biggest impact will be in politics. Does this take down Trump? If I was a betting man I would say yes.

    1. The true R0 will not be known until this is all over and they can review all the data, for now it is strictly hypothetical – but it is high. Maybe not as high as measles but definitely more transmissible than cold, annual flu or the Spanish Flu.
      My local hospital has been “full” for weeks, and since nursing staff is mostly 13-week contractors for the last few years (see my previous comment to “tirednscared”) the likelihood of them accepting 15-20 patients is about zero.
      In the words of the great socialist charlatan (Bernie Sanders): “People will die”.
      The plan is for all but the most serious cases to be home isolated and treated, but the local population runs to the ER for every cold and flu symptom, and with only 9 ER beds (one has negative pressure ventilation to isolate airborne contagion), this is an 18-month disaster in slow-motion.

  8. I remember how excited I was after amassing a months supply of food for my family almost 20 years ago. Now realizing one’s lifestyle in producing and procuring a steady supply of food and water – let alone alone – all the other many necessities is a process NOT a cache!
    Still not there, because we can never be self sufficient.
    It’s already written for everyone to read. The B-I-B-L-E

  9. With the death in Washington State and the other suspected cases (including a USPS employee) it is pretty clear the virus is here in the US and probably well established. I suspect there are thousands of cases. I actually suspect a friend of mine may have had it already after a recent airline flight. He tested negative but so have many others who eventually tested positive and he was sick in a manner I had not seen him sick in over 20 years.

    I suspect all the public health actions we are seeing are about as effective as the TSA agents at the airport. In other words a farce.

    We will now see how how dangerous or not the virus is compared to “normal” influenza.

    I predict (always a dangerous and maybe stupid thing to say) that the coronavirus itself will be less hazardous than the damage it does to the economy. And even more than the economy, I fear this increases the chance of the Bolsheviks gaining full control of the House, Senate and White House in November which will tank us completely IMO.

    I am leaning increasingly to Rush Limbaugh’s comment that this is a bad cold. While technically incorrect, I strongly suspect it is effectively correct. I also think that the handling of this will be massively politicized to create the most damage possible to the economy and instill the most fear in the nation prior to November.

    And just to screw my tin foil hat on just a little tighter, I think the Chinese may be in on the whole thing with their reaction to the virus. I give that possibility less than 50/50 but greater than zero. One reason I think this is that the numbers in China are slowing down very fast now that the rest of the world is ramping up. Almost seems it could have served it’s intended purpose(s) and now they want to get their country back to business as usual. Or maybe the whole thing really is serious and really did spook them and their quarantines and other actions are working.

    Of course after saying all these conspiracy things and possibly minimizing the disease part of the situation. maybe this thing will kill me or someone I love. Time will tell.

    But a lot can happen between now and November. I think regardless of the actual course of the disease we are in for a ride.

    One more thing. Jay Inslee’s declaration of a state of emergency scare me more than the virus. The Plague is less dangerous than that guy and his Bolshevik croneys IMO.

  10. Re Ani’s post above about the NY Times article recommending survivalism, I would note that if you scroll further down the page you see an interesting note:

    “Editors’ Note: Feb. 29, 2020
    An earlier version of this essay suggested people buy face masks to prepare for a coronavirus quarantine. We have removed that suggestion because the surgeon general on Saturday urged the public to stop buying masks.”

    1) Given our $18 Trillion economy and $2 Trillion federal budget, the Surgeon General should have a massive supply of N95 masks in the National Stockpile.

    Why is the NY Times withholding vital , life-saving information from its readers in a national emergency — instead of holding bureaucrats accountable for their failures? Including Bill Clinton and liberal economists whose globalization has outsourced N95 manufacturing to China.

    If N95 masks were useless in protecting from the virus, then why is CDC so desperate to obtain them for medical personnel and recommending that people caring for sick relatives use them? If the Times readers don’t need them yet it is likely they will need them is 1-2 months if this virus spreads.

    And what other information — and this and important other matters — is the NY Times withholding from us?

    1. and if they stocked the masks how many here would accuse them of wasting the taxpayers Money?

      You would go to three masks an hour for what benefit?

      People working with the sick is different, they´re in the first line, id you deprieve them of These

      What are you?

      1. We had a flu scare years ago — that should have been enough justification to stockpile N95 masks for another emergency, It was enough for me.

        Why is it we can have a $1 Trillion a year “defense” budget that doesn’t protect the common citizen??

        People need to travel for business. People need to transport goods for our economy. Their need is justified.

        Whether one chooses to risk one’s life for the community or to look out for oneself should be a personal decision — not one made in backrooms and promoted with censorship. Withholding information can be as effective a means of functionally lying to people as telling outright falsehoods.

        Why should we support a news media if it deceives the voters? — including its claims that it is committed to informing us.

        1. Because the DoD isn´t the Department of Health!

          That they Need to do that, isn´t any reason they Need how many masks a day 30 or more?
          When the Level of they Need that, than you Need not those but a quarantine and a curfew.

          The community doesn´t own it to them the Things they could use to do that at minimal Risk?

          Withholding what Information, that those masks are of no practical use for the public?

          1. 1) Your response does not address the question of why we have a shortage of N95 masks but have spent $1 Trillion a year on “defense” year after year.
            2) And it is not just disease — why do we spend so much protecting the wealthy nations of the EU but don’t protect Americans living in places with some of the highest murder rates on the planet?

            3) Why did Obama do a 2014 coup in Ukraine that destroyed the nuclear arms reduction process, restarted the Cold War and triggered an multi-$Trillion dollar arms race. Look at the 1918 Nuclear Posture Review.

            4) Why do the people believe a news media claiming the N95 masks aren’t needed when they obviously are needed by anyone who has to go out in a crowded public — and if not yet then in about 2 months if this virus continues to spread.. Look at what happened on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan.

            Nothing is 100 percent effective but 95 percent is better odds than nothing.

          2. 1I´m neither the secretary of Finance, the Treasury, the POTUS a member of the Senate , congress or a citicen of the US, so i´ve exactly Zero responsibility, influence, Knowledge etc. how the US Goverment wastes it´s Money.
            I only rather doubt that the DoD is charged with public Health

            2 Let me put the Question around why do we EU nations and citicens allow the US to use Europe as a launching area and Base for it´s Military operations and why do we sacrifice our People for it´s Defence?

            3) Prove that and ask him not me?
            You voted for him not we!

            4) Could you please at least try to explain me, why These masks could be needed by anyone going out in “crowded” public?
            How many masks would you Need in , 2 months for what?
            The People who connect and help the ill´ve a Need for those masks as well as those People do the Kind of work where they Need those protections

            Soory, my Knowledge of the DP is to limited and i lack the skills to Judge if the Situation on the ship was really so extremly incompetent managed or else.

          3. 1) The Diamond Princess had about 3000 people on board, counting crew. Passengers were confined to their cabins, with food delivered by crew. Yet after only a few weeks, 705 people on board had the virus –most of them passengers — and the decision was made to evacuate the ship.

            2) Obviously the virus is very contagious which means you need protection from it if it becomes widespread and you are in an urban area and need to go out in public. To buy groceries, for example.
            You can’t tell if the air around you is infected.

            3) If the mask didn’t provide protection then CDC would not be recommending that medical personal and people caring for sick relatives wear them.

            4) How long your supply lasts depends on how many you have and how often you enter situations where you think one is needed.

            When it comes to the lives of my relatives I don’t care what bureaucrats think is in the “community interest”.

    2. Yes, the earlier version recommended buying some and the author mentioned she had some on hand due to prepping for the fires in CA. I’d guess that the PTB want them to be reserved for medical staff and first responders so they’re telling the general public not to procure them. Telling them they don’t work is bogus though and will cause people to distrust the government.

      1. I think it more likely the Powers That Be want the N95 masks for themselves. The intel and medical reports they receive are not the claptrap disseminated to the common citizen.

  11. Please note that the few Intensive Care Unit beds in most hospitals use a ventilation system that does not circulate air to the rest of the hospital. But the rest of the hospital uses a recirculating ventilation system. What this means is that if you have an overflow of Coronavirus patients, you can’t stash them in other wards, or in the hallway. There is no place to go. Add this to the fact that modern hospitals are designed to have a high bed occupancy rate during normal times. They simply have no place to put an influx due to a disaster. A large military hospital near me was torn down. The fancy new one they built in its place has only eight beds, other than the emergency room! Hospitals such as this will be of little help in containing the virus.

  12. As coronavirus spreads across USA, Trump admin officials condemn people for preparing by Mike Adams.

    “Yes, it’s completely insane. While all the other countries in the world are begging their citizens to buy masks, use hand sanitizers, get backup supplies of food and get ready for the pandemic, Trump administration officials are condemning Americans who acquire preparedness supplies.

    We’ve truly reached the point of complete insanity among Washington bureaucrats as they actively order people to stop getting prepared.”

    Here is the rest of the story:

    The coronavirus has now spread to 60 nations, today breaching Ecuador and Ireland. See that report here.

    And finally today, it now looks like multiple outbreaks are taking place across the West Coast, up and down California, Oregon and Washington.

    See that story here.

    For today’s podcasts (below), I’ve posted an emergency update to Health Ranger Store customers about the accelerating collapse of supply lines, the coming quarantines across major U.S. cities, the fact that our orders are backlogged now and why the Health Ranger Store may at some point be forced to temporarily suspend all new orders until we can catch up.

    Listen to my full update from the HR Store here.

    Health Ranger Videos:

    Health Ranger Store Emergency Pandemic Update

    The CDC Is Staging A Coronavirus Trap For Trump

    Coronavirus Pandemic Explodes Across The Globe

    1. << While all the other countries in the world are begging their citizens to buy masks, <<

      Which countries do that?

      Didn´t get also not any News that any european countries asked for buying more Food than ordinary, OTOH the federal goverment advises us to´ve at least enough supplies for two weeks

  13. As I updated my supplies I pulled out several bottles of Steramine (tablet) sanitizer. I bought this product a few years ago and have not yet tried it. It seems to have a long shelf life and it is easy to prepare into a solution.

    Does anyone have any experience with this product? It would be helpful to know the pros and cons in advance of using it.


  14. In the meantime, this is happening while our attention is on a flu outbreak.

    The Afghan peace process comprises the proposals and negotiations in a bid to end the ongoing war in Afghanistan. … On February 29, 2020, the U.S. signed a conditional peace agreement with the Taliban, which calls for the withdraw of foreign troops in 14 months if the Taliban uphold the terms of the agreement.

    Of course, so much could happen in that 14 months. Still…peace in Afghanistan.

    Carry on

    1. Been there, worked with the tribes and the forces. Sorry but that agreenent is like having Pelosi sign agreement for the Tea Party. Taliban doesn’t control ISIS, Al Queda, Haqqanni network, Pakistan secret police, or several other very powerful military/terrorist groups, and will always be fighting the various regional warlord groups.

      My personal feeling is that we need to cut funds to AFGN by 75%, and keep 5,000-10,000 troops there. It will always be a hotbed of radical terrorists, even if that includes only 1% of the population that means 50,000 males scattered from AFGN to PKSN.

      This is a failed agreement in a failed region, and I say this after becoming very appreciative of the majority of AFGN police and soldiers I worked with over 18 months during 2 tours. I care about those folks, have sympathy for the people, but I’m a realist.

      1. We have been there too long already. We were never willing to do what it would take to wipe out the terrorists (that inclusive term accounts for all of them). We should get out or kill them all. In the end that is what the terrorist war will come down to. The longer it takes us to understand that the more killing and destruction they will bring down on us.

        IMHO this is exactly why Pres Roosevelt allowed the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor. He knew we needed to get into the 2nd WW before it was too late. He knew a terrible attack on the homeland would bring the disparate groups in the U.S. together and eager to fight that war. That is what it will take to convince the U.S. and Europe that we need to fight this threat with everything we have. Until then it is a war of attrition that we are not really participating in.

  15. One gram of carbs has 4 calories, not 8, one gram of fat has 9 calories, one gram of protein has 4 calories, it takes more calories to process protein than you get from it. Think of rabbit starvation, lots of protein very little fat. If you can pressure can meat you can pressure can oils and fats for future use.
    We had 30 million N-95 mask in storage, it is now up to 43 million now. we need 300 million, Yes the mask will help protect you, how ever you should wash your hands with soap and water before you remove it, just remember nothing is 100% protection. Frequent hand washing and keeping hands away from your face is very important. The elderly will be the most likely to die.
    95% of the Han Chinese have the ACE-2 sites genetically(6 different flavors) on their cells, for Europeans it is 56% and therefore are about 1/2 as likely to get sick

  16. We will need a LOT more than 300 million if this virus spreads here — and China is consuming much of its production now.

    Wash Post article on how badly Globalization has screwed us:

    Money quote:
    “Routine annual production in the United States has been estimated to be 1.5 billion N95 respirators and 3.6 billion surgical masks, according to a 2017 report in the journal Health Security. The report estimated that 1.7 billion to 3.5 billion N95 respirators and 100 million to 400 million surgical masks would be needed to protect health-care workers in the event of a severe influenza pandemic.”

    What about the REST of us? 330 million people x 20 masks = 6.6 BILLION masks

    Raise that to 156 masks per person (3 per week) gives 52 billion masks.

    And 20 masks ain’t much although demand would be less if schools are closed and kids are kept home.

  17. At 6pm Pacific tonight, local news announced 2d COVID-19 death in WA.

    Reportedly a man in 50’s with respiratory issues….. but then it’s the media, not a Dr making the announcement.

    I took hand gel for everyone at church today.

    Media still doesn’t know it’s called COVID-19 yet.

    Still using the Coronavirus word.

  18. If there are any food products for sale on the Mountain House site, I can’t find them.

    Two years ago, Costco had two pages of freeze-dried and air-dried products for sale on its web site, one year supply, 30 day supply, 72 hour, as well as various products by the case. I ordered quite a bit over time.

    I saw a comment saying that Costco had trimmed back somewhat lately. I checked on Friday and searched, as usual, for “emergency.” I found a total of two food offerings. Yesterday there wasn’t even none. I can only wonder what the offerings were in, say, early January.

    My local Costco had a couple of hundred people lined up at 10:00 this morning. Toilet paper and bottled water were big sellers. Business was unusually brisk this weekend, according to a cashier I spoke with.

    Here’s a description and an analysis of the coronavirus by a heavy hitter in the field:

  19. Tunnel Rabbit, Can you detail how you plan to make double steam distilled water using “an adapted stainless steel pressure cooker”? Thanks.

    1. Hi wbuhrman,

      Here is the steam distiller I’ll make to produce double steam distilled water for making nano silver. This is the best video demonstration. It will produce at least 1 or more quarts per hour depending upon how hot it is run, and how cold the water is in the condenser part, the bucket where the coil goes in.

      We need the ppm to next to zero. So we will destill the same water twice to achieve that level of purity. Most store bought distilled water is not true distilled water, but de-ionized water that when checked, shows a low ppm, only because the salts and minerals that are in the water were stripped of their electrons, yet during electrolysis can combine with the silver to produce some undesirable compounds that could turn you blue. It is not true distilled water. It can also be a multi-porpose, and provide water for nebulizers, and humidifiers. Increase storage battery life by 5% by using steam distilled water. This set up can also purify unsafe to drink water, and distill alcohol up to a maximum 80% concentration, also good for killing Corona Virus. I don’t condone drinking, but it ain’t a sin in moderation. Also check for notes to Charles K. up at the top of the page.

      Here is are the parts to get started.

      One pressure cooker from the thrift store, or large pot with tight fitting metal lid.

  20. Tunnel Rabbit, your distiller will be putting copper in the water if you use copper tubing. It has to be all stainless steel.
    You should look at the silver edge website for better information on making colloidal silver.


    Second death from coronavirus marks 13 positive cases in Washington

    In the middle of this article it explains that 25 firefighters in Kirkland, WA plus police, other first responders and health workers are now on a 14 day quarantine (not 27?) from being exposed.

    I suspect my firefighter son in Tacoma, which is south of Seattle, will be exposed in the not too distant future. If that happens, I will take care of him, because his beautiful wife has a predisposition for getting pneumonia every year, (otherwise healthy.) It is she I am the most concerned about. They are strong believers, and this is the son who quotes Jim Elliot to me:
    “Mom, I am immortal as long as God has work for me to do.”…

    Elsewhere, my pregnant niece in Turin, Italy is doing great and not personally experiencing any life restrictions. My kids in Los Angeles are horses to water. sigh.

    Thank you to everyone who posts. It is encouraging to me to know there are others who think like me. I love reading your posts, opinions and advice. Thank you so much.

    1. Your firefighter son sounds like a beautiful soul! Many thanks to you for raising such a fine man of faith, and prayers sent for the safety of your entire family.

      1. GristsInMontana, Thank you for your prayers and kind words. Far be it from me to take any credit away from God. I know you know it is all His doing, but I still need to say it anyway. God has been near to ___since he was a little boy. Blessings on your family.

  22. Dr. Martenson distilled the N95 mask requirements down pretty well in his last video. The virus is believed to last 9 days on surfaces, so you could wear a mask on Day 1 and re-wear it again on Day 10. Not ideal, but doable. Definitely do NOT consider sanitizing them in some chemical solution because the fabric’s weave could open up. I would not even consider using an autoclave or ethylene oxide sterilized mask (hospital-level sterilization procedure).

  23. so far this wuhan virus story has smelled more like a chinese psyop than any real medical emergency. Compared to the normal winter cold/flu season statistics, if nobody was tracking this particular strain it wouldnt have even been a drop of water in the ocean’s difference against the background stats of people getting various winter afflictions and those with weak constitution/preexistingconditions/etc dying from it. That happens by the millions every year.
    But, somehow this story had something that looks like it was just the right thing at the right time to be convenient for the regime in china to play no holds barred , shutting down anything they felt like, even trashing the whole economy (the party bosses cant imagine this would ever come back to hurt them, theyre believers in a command economy anyway and i doubt Xi was ever very comfortable with the existence of a new class of private wealthy people in china. he’d probably be happy to see them all go broke in a financial crash and hell be there to pull the pieces back into central control) , not to mention instantly halting what was looking like hong kong erupting into open rebellion and even worse , the contagion of some of that sentiment spreading to the mainland. With a public health emergency everything else drops back to low priority, it’s even better than manufactured wars or terrorists because its invisible and can be molded into anything one wants. It’s flu season, you can turn as many of the regular cold and flu patients into cases for your epidemic if that fits the story, or you can leave them out of the count if that suits you better. theyve still got colds and fevers and who’s gonna verify that your testing and diagnosis was accurate or just invented to suit the story? nobody.
    Xi is cleaning house and consolidating power in china and given the decline of the statistics of new cases in china being published, it looks like in a few weeks hell declare himself to have ‘saved’ china from the ‘epidemic’ , and in any case springtime will reduce viral infections, colds, flus, etc anyway. Supply lines disrupted? I really dont think Xi cares. Besides it’s western countries who will be hitting hard times if their production and delivery schedules are all thrown out of whack. Inside china the top leadership is nostalgic for a Mao style command economy. how do you ram a command economy down poeples throats? an overriding crisis that cancels everything else in importance overnight, fits the bill perfectly.
    So i expect a lot of economic and financial fallout, especially outside of china. We’ll be looking at a very bad year for business and so far it looks like the central bankers and politicians are only turning their own insane ‘response’ up to max.
    Dont worry too much about the virus as a virus. but the economic fallout, the consequences of shortsighted politics and of small-minded ‘measures’ taken by self-important officials , will be very real.

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