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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on the vlogger who produces North Country Off Grid. (See the Idaho section.)


Citizen Alert: Meeting on a Proposed Prison in Kootenai County

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Reader J.L.P. wrote to mention: “There is a YouTuber in North Idaho who has been having issues with county building permits. The channel is North Country Off Grid. As noted in the videos linked below, the permit is a “location” permit for a small (app. 320 square feet), temporary structure (no permanent foundation). It’s their “tiny house” (he hates calling it that – they were actually featured on a Tiny House show).
He has posted a series of videos, which include footage of a county supervisor meeting.

The description on their video page says: “We are a family of five, that is building our homestead from the ground up, with cash off grid, in North Idaho. We have three kiddos and a bunch of farm animals. We want a self sustaining, debt free farm and lifestyle.”

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I was pleased to see that Herrett’s Gun Stocks in Twin Falls, Idaho is still in business, after all these years.  Here is their contact information:

Herrett Stocks, Inc.
P.O. Box 741
169 Madrona St.
Twin Falls, ID. 83303-0741
Telephone: (208) 733-1498 Fax: (208) 733-1632

Their shop hours are 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM Mountain Time, Monday through Friday.

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Sandpoint 8-year-old reels in monster rainbow trout, breaks Idaho record


The Barn Find Hunter (Tom Cotter) visits western Montana: Dodge Power Wagons, factory 428ci Cobra Jet and a Mercury Cougar XR7 — Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 67. (Nice scenery, too!)

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Tribe members: Ancient bison kill site desecrated by mining. A quote:

“When a coal company contractor working under federal oversight used a backhoe to dig up one of the largest known Native American bison killing grounds and make way for mining, investigators concluded the damage on the Crow Indian Reservation broke federal law and would cost $10 million to repair, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.”

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Montana airmen return from deployment.  JWR’s Comment: I love that “In God We Trust” morale patch!

Eastern Oregon

October was John Day’s coldest on record

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Bend to remove billboard that some found offensive. JWR’s Comment: It appears that special snowflakes are accumulating in Bend.

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Bend man arrested for allegedly burglarizing home, attacking residents

Eastern Washington

$30 Car Registrations: I-976 measure could cost Spokane $3 million in revenue. JWR’s Comment:  Flat vehicle registration fees have been in effect for many years, in Idaho.  I believe that other states should follow suit!

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In The Hermiston Herald: Unrelated arrests have cattle connection

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Two Kennewick councilmen file ethics complaint against another. City isn’t saying who


Patrol Releases Video of I-25 Crash That Injured Wyoming Trooper

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  1. Veteran’s day was great. I have many family members that serve and have served in various capacities. No disrespect to any veteran, but would someone please tell me how World Trade Center building 7 fell on 9-11 ???

    1. No disrespect Jima, but since your post was so blunt, I will be too… you’re an architect and do not have the skill set necessary to understand the failure mechanics…there was nothing out of the ordinary with respect to the WTC collapses, they were tragically textbook. They were not controlled demolitions [some unkind words deleted by the editor.]

      VF the engineer…..

    2. Thermite residue remained on the foundation columns in the basement floors. You see a cloud of dust from the bottom floor just before the building begins to fall directly down. I would think it’s a matter of timing. Plane hits, thermite cuts the foundation columns in half, building falls. Possibly controlled by the pilots of the planes by cell signal, or from an on the ground observer. Don’t know. This study was done by experts in building forensics. It’s science..but people see and believe what they want to. Most scientists, if they are ethical, look at the evidence and come to the best conclusions possible. This perception occurs all the time through “normalcy bias”. We see or hear of outrageous things and somehow our mind dismisses them and rationalizes the event.

  2. To the offended people of Bend. Beware of what you censor, your sacred cow may be next. It is only a mater of time before rational people realize that the same nonsensical logic can be used against the social justice warriors. ie. If I saw a billboard depicting an Indian owned casino would I not immediately be offended that their billboard was excluding all other races and they were discriminating by preying on all these other races? I am offended, “Take it down” Your healthy food coop advertises organic vegetables, I am an omnivore and find this disgusting, Remove your sign or I will report you to the self appointed censors. Those of us that cannot have children find your screaming children in restaurants offensive and demand you not take them out in public as this triggers us and causes unnecessary trauma. Etc. It is very interesting that the folks that lean to the left and are constantly preaching tolerance are the least tolerant amongst us. Most of my friends are conservative and abide by the “live and let live” credo. I believe that on a whole they are happier and perhaps have a much lower divorce rate, they work hard and have moral ethics that guide them.

  3. Re. YouTuber in North Idaho

    I pray that this [deleted by editor] does not go down like Ruby Ridge.

    My wife and I decided to live short-term in a CONEX shipping container on our undeveloped land. Knowing and fearing government tyrants we made every effort to ‘stay off government radar’. Maybe that was cowardly but it just wasn’t ‘a hill we were willing to die on’.

    As a founding member of Oath Keepers I again ask Steward Rhodes, ‘Who should this family call when a government gun is pointed at their heads?’

    1. One way to avoid such trouble with authorities is that when buying or building a tiny house, leave it on wheels, or a least don’t remove the axle(s). Thus it is demonstrably a trailer–not a permanent structure.

      1. I had that issue at my retreat property. My tiny house/ Amish shed was on skids, but it’s the sewage regs that they used against me.

        See this yet?

        “Supreme Court will allow Sandy Hook families to move forward in suit against gunmaker Remington”

        It’s a big club folks…and we ain’t in it…

      2. I know Idaho is a beautiful state with conservative folks living there because I have visited there and loved it myself. But I keep reading where the county or state government is too intrusive in people’s lives when they try to build, even if it’s out in the boonies. At least in my “not so pretty” state of Oklahoma we can do almost anything we want to do when it comes to building, especially out in the country. The only exception is that the DEQ wants to inspect the septic system before it’s backfilled and a home owner can do the installation themselves. There is no such thing as a building permit as long as a person isn’t inside a city limit. Hopefully folks there in Idaho can somehow decrease the size of their government.

        1. When I last checked, 95% of Idaho had NO building permits required and no “Code”. Typically all that is required “in the county” is just one inexpensive septic permit. Kootenai County is getting uppity. It is also the exception to the rule, in Idaho.

    2. FYI, there are parts of my county in NW Montana where the Sheriff refuses to go. The Sheriff was quoted as saying, “they take care of themselves”. They have developed a sincere and deep respect for the inhabitants around here. Hope you don’t live down south tho.

  4. There has been a large influx of wealthy transplants from other states to n. Idaho, and with there wealth are changing things. I have met many long time residents who have been affected by these new residents.

    1. Indeed. There is a lot of money in North Idaho now but no real economy or employment base. Housing prices, both purchase and rent, have skyrocketed in the previous 5 years to such ridiculous heights that anyone locally dependent on work/income can hardly afford to live here now. Sale prices have just about doubled in the previous 5 years, and rents increased about 50% or more. Additionally, along with the many conservatives fleeing here from everywhere else, enough liberals are also making their way here and mucking up the local culture and implementing regulations that increase taxes, er um theft, violate more rights, and peddle their moral perversions. Anyone not in agreement with them gets attacked in the local press (see article links below especially). I’ve met the artist and he is not a “bigoted, ignorant, racist” but a thoughtful, committed Christian with a very high intellect.

  5. One way to avoid scrutiny is do do stuff on Saturday & Sunday. No building inspectors work on those days & you get get a lot completed without prying eyes

    1. MT,
      Google satelite cameras will show buildings ,driveways,land improvements ,etc.It is used by the” public servants” in our area as one of my neighbors will testify. There is no privacy.

  6. Funny how govt budgeting works. Notice how they no longer report surpluses? When they squawk about losing funding for infrastructure, I would like to ask them where the rest of their dear budget is being spent. Perhaps spending millions on homeless and parks that no one uses and development projects that never seem to end could be put to better use. I am sure they will find a way to keep the roads maintained, or their replacements will.

  7. RE: the I-25 crash. The article blamed the crash on excessive speed for the conditions. Maybe. But to me it looked like another example of the unintended consequences of the poorly thought out law requiring drivers to move over if a emergency vehicle is on the side of the road. I would bet dollars to doughnuts that if the police car had not been there and consequently the truck driver had not been required to quickly change lanes that the truck would not have lost traction. The irony is the law caused the crash that hurt the police officer. I have seen many incidences where truck drivers suddenly changed lanes often almost hitting a vehicle already in the left lane simply because they were complying with this tragic law.

    1. Good point OneGuy, I’ve seen so many near misses with people trying to force their way out of a lane (which the law doesn’t require if you can’t do it safely) because they’re worried about getting a ticket.

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