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SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt

Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. [1] We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on the Rajneesh Movement of the 1980s, headquartered near Antelope, Oregon. (See the Eastern Oregon section.)


At The Wall Street Journal: Why Pay in Idaho Is Rising at the Fastest Rate in the Nation [2]

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SurvivalBlog readers may not be aware that the same family that owns Naturally Cozy [3] (one of our long time writing contest prize donors) also operates North Idaho Heat [4], in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. They are now the exclusive dealer for the 509 Optimum stove in north Idaho. This model looks a lot like a like a wood stove, but it has more in common with a pellet stove. What makes it truly different is that it only burns compressed logs – which are also made in northern Idaho.

Here is a KXLY television news report that was recently done on the 509 Optimum stove.

The stove was invented by a gent from Hayden, and it is being produced in Post Falls. If SurvivalBlog readers want to order one, they just need to call Jeff at North Idaho Heat. Phone: (208) 946-3651

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Redoubt News reports: Scotchman Peak Opposition Grows [5]

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Also at Redoubt News, there is this from Rep. Heather Scott: 2018 Idaho Legislature Recap-Report [6]



Reader F.N. suggested that SurvivalBlog readers in western Montana should go visit Selway Armory [7], in Missolua. They have an amazing inventory and a friendly staff that really knows guns.

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USFS Considering Blocking Mining Near Yellowstone Park [8]

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Plowing through unusually deep snow begins in Glacier [9]


Eastern Oregon (Rajneesh Movement)

Many younger Americans have never heard of the odd Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh cult. For several years they took up residence way out in the hinterboonies of eastern Oregon, near the small town of Antelope. The Rajneeshpuram settlement [10] (aka Rancho Rajneesh) was operated back in the early 1980s. In the biggest biological warfare terrorism attack in U.S. history, Rajneesh leaders reportedly spritzed salmonella over salad bars in a nearby town, infecting more than 700 people. They plotted the assassination of a U.S. Attorney, stockpiled arms, and planned for an apocalyptic ending via an assault by Federal law enforcement. Then their guru was deported and the cult just faded away. A well-balanced documentary series on the Rajneeshee movement just became available on Netflix. It is titled: Wild Wild Country [11].

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Trade uncertainty hits home for local wheat farmers [12]



Study: Wyoming’s wildlife industry had $1 Billion economic impact [13]

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Federal order conserving big game migrations offers cautious optimism to some Wyoming wildlife experts [14]

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#1 Comment By Eric Corbett On April 4, 2018 @ 4:10 am

I can personally vouch for Selway Armory. The prices are great and so is the crew. Knew the founder when he was in the guard hell of a nice guy.

#2 Comment By Russ On April 4, 2018 @ 8:09 pm

The Rajneeshee documentary on Netflix is highly recommended. It is a fascinating and highly disturbing look inside the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh cult. One of the many things that make it so interesting is that the cult itself video taped EVERYTHING so that the insider angle is incredibly revealing. The 2017 interviews with the townspeople, local government officials and higher ups in the cult who were there in the 80’s will blow your mind. It shows in explicit detail how crazy your “normal” friends and neighbors can be. Oh, and by the way, the Rajneeshee’s are still at it. Six episodes, some slow, but well worth watching as a stunning expose of human nature and the intoxication of power and position. It will haunt you. 4 stars!

#3 Comment By Claudia On April 5, 2018 @ 5:22 pm

There is also a good doc on YouTube about the Rajneeshee cult in the Down the Rabbit Hole series by Fredrik Knudsen.