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JWR’s Recommendations of the Week

Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. This week the focus is on the documentary film and companion book Unbranded.

Books (Unbranded):

Unbranded [1]–written by filmmaker Ben Masters–as a companion piece to his documentary film.  (Described in the Movies section, below.) This has some fabulous photography, and the text fills in some huge gaps in the movie.

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Montana Homestead: How I Built My Homestead Off Grid In The Wilderness [2]

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Movies (Unbranded):

Back in 2016, I mentioned this great western horsemanship documentary: Unbranded [3]. This is a quite rousing adventurous tale of some recent Texas A&M graduates who green-broke a string of wild mustangs and rode them all the way from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. I’m making mention of it again only because I just noticed that it is now available of free streaming for Amazon Prime members.

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Full Contact Stick Fighting: Volume 1 – Fundamentals [4]

Vlogs and Instructional Videos:

Helmet Overview by Garand Thumb and Lucas Botkin

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Forgotten Weapons: Rhodesian FAL – with Larry Vickers [5]



A special message from Hawaii, the day after the big nuclear attack false alarm, by Pastor J.D. Farag: Mid-East Prophecy Update – January 14th, 2018 [6]

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I found a great message by an American ex-pat minister living in Zambia: Reformed Baptist Distinctives: The Church – Dr. Voddie Baucham [7]. Here he confronts the loose use of the term “Reformed”, and the woeful lack of true Christian churches today, around the world.


Our Compadrette Tam at the View From The Porch [8]blog [8] recommended these boots: Asolo Fugitive GTX Grigio/Gunmetal Boot [9]

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Adventure Lion Premium Waterproof Dry Bag With Twin Shoulder Straps & Grab Handle, Roll Top Dry Sack Great For Kayaking, Swimming, Boating (Green, 40 Liter) [10]

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Caribbean Joe 20” Carry-On Spinner Luggage Olive Green 20″ [11]


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