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Book Release Announcement: My Thailand Calling

I’m pleased to announce the release of the latest book from Liberty Paradigm Publishing.  It is the autobiography of Rynier Kruger, a Christian man who has devoted his life to missionary service in Thailand.  He has spent more than 20 years there, and now speaks Thai fluently.  The book, titled My Thailand Calling [1], was just released as a Kindle e-book, and as a Print On Demand trade paperback.  Here is a description:

My Thailand Calling is the autobiography of Christian missionary Rynier Kruger. Born in Southern Rhodesia in 1952, Rynier Kruger had an idyllic boyhood growing up on his family’s isolated farm near Chipinge, near the border of Mozambique. As he reached his teens a revolt led by communist guerillas was in its early stages. In 1970, along with his older brother, Rynier enlisted in the Rhodesian Army. Following his military service, Rynier attended an agricultural college in South Africa. At the conclusion of the Rhodesian Bush War, Robert Mugabe was elected and promised sweeping reforms. Gradually, life was made difficult for Rhodesia’s farmers. Rynier’s entire extended family was forced to abandon their farms and leave the country, settling in South Africa. After graduating from college in 1981, he went to work for the Agricultural Marketing Board of South Africa. It was while working there that he came to saving Faith in Christ and he committed his life to Christian service.

This book would make an ideal gift for anyone who works in the missions field, or for anyone who is considering Christian missionary work. It is also great for anyone with an interest in the history of Rhodesia, or for anyone looking for insights into Thai culture and customs. Kruger is also a Gideon Society member, so the book would be of interest to all Gideons, and their supporters. Kruger’s valuable knowledge on how to reach foreign cultures with the Gospel of Christ and how to overcome language barriers is wonderful. In his book, Kruger warns of the many potential pitfalls of missionary service and he points out the deficiency of “short term” overseas missions.

The Kindle edition [1]of My Thailand Calling is just $4.99 and the paperback edition [2] is $12.95.   The book is 286 pages and includes a section of photographs and a glossary.  Even if you don’t buy a copy, please help spread the word, and pray for Rynier’s ministry.

Full Disclosure: I was so inspired by Rynier Kruger’s life story that I decided to publish his book free of charge. All of Liberty Paradigm Publishing’s profits from this book are being assigned directly to supporting Rynier Kruger’s ministry. I am also providing more than a year of free advertising for the book, at SurvivalBlog. My only profit will come in the form of Amazon Associates commissions. – JWR