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Letter Re: USMC Mountain Survival Course


I read the [multi-part] article [1] and had to tell you I thought it was pretty good. I talked to a few of the guys up there, and it does indeed look like the course is going to be canceled. It went through some cool changes after E.T.’s course and the ones to follow. It’s too bad. It was good education. I was really impressed with how much he remembered. I sent it to the other guys who were there at the time too. Hope all is well for him now. He’s got some good stuff going. – Jerry

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#1 Comment By E. T. On June 19, 2017 @ 12:50 pm

Thank you for the compliment and clarification. I thought that it had already been canceled, so I’m glad to hear it’s still going (if on limited time). It was some excellent training!