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Letter Re: Jøtul Woostove

Dear Hugh,

We have been using a name-brand (Firefox, a UK brand) woodstove at our home in the Greek Islands for about seven years.

We had the baffle at the top of the stove burn through within two years. The manufacturer would not send us a replacement, referring us to a retailer in the UK. They wanted the best part of $100 dollars for the part, plus postage of about the same amount.

Instead, I took the broken part to a local metal shop. They fabricated one out of much thicker steel for $20, and it’s still intact; in fact, it will probably last the stove out.

The firebricks were next. The agent wanted another $100 plus p&p. I got some firebricks locally and cut them to shape with a diamond blade angle grinder for the cost of $20.

We also had the glass break. Agent’s price was $50 plus p&p. A local glass shop cut some fireproof glass for $20.

Forget the dealers, assuming you are out of warranty of course. Go local. It’s faster and a lot less expensive. – Michael in the Greek Islands.