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Letter: Christian Medical Sharing Ministries

Hello Hugh,

Some time ago I read about Christian medical sharing ministries on SurvivalBlog. (My Experience in Expatriating to Panama, by Chuck Holton [1])

I am retiring early at 61 due to a medical condition, and not wanting to use Obamacare I thought I had found my solution. I joined Liberty Health Share [2] after researching them. They tell you they will help you establish a connection between them and your doctor. You fill out a form detailing your doctor’s office and send it back to Liberty. They then send correspondence to your doctor’s office. If your doctor does not respond to one correspondence that is the end of Liberty’s efforts.

I called Liberty today to inquire how the correspondence was going. They received no response from my doctor, who is part of a large clinic. I then asked if they could refer me to a doctor who accepts Liberty in my area of 100,000 plus population. Sadly, they had no record of one. I then asked for a referral to the closest metropolitan city (Seattle) of a million plus. They had one– a doctor of Naturopathy.

When doing due diligence on one of these ministries, you must include whether there is coverage in your area as one of the deciding factors! I hope this info might help SB readers. T.J.