Letter Re: Hunting for Self Sufficiency


I am not sure how far the writer is from the Georgia Border, but you can hunt feral hogs year round, 24/7, with night vision, flashlight; it doesn’t matter. Farmers in Georgia do have issues with these non-native animals that were introduced for sport hunting in the early days of this nation. If you can find a farmer that would allow you to hunt (and if Georgia is not that far from you), you should be able to take quite a harvest. You can even hunt over bait with these critters. I am amazed that Florida would only allow hog harvest for a few weeks a year, as they do reproduce rapidly and are destructive. The cost of an out-of-state hunting license and transportation may be cost prohibitive, but if they are not consider butchering them yourselves. They are not that hard to process, although the skin is very thick– twice the thickness of deer. WOW, the meat is sweet; it’s some of the best tasting meat I have ever had. Good luck – RT in Georgia.