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Readers’ Recommendations of the Week:

SurvivalBlog reader D.S. stated that 85% of the movies his family watches are Christian based. Ragamuffin [1] was great, but pre-screen for your children.

He also recommended No Greater Love [2] as another good family movie.

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Reader K.W. notified us that The Heavy Water War [3] is now available on Netflix. It is the story behind Hitler’s plan of Germany developing the atomic bomb during WWII and the heavy water sabotages in Rjukan, Norway. Presented from four angles: the German side, the allied, the saboteurs, and the company side. It is mixed with English and subtitled Norwegian/German. The series does a great job of communicating the Norwegian situation, the courage of the Norwegian partisans, and the challenges of war without too much blood and guts (and no sex). See Wikipedia‚Äôs coverage of the amazing Norwegian resistance effort: Norwegian heavy water sabotage [4].

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Reader AVD recommended the Powerless Nation series of books: Outage [5], Voyage [6], and Sabotage [7]. The storyline follows different characters as they survive when the power goes out due to an EMP.

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If you have any books, movies, or videos that you would like to recommend to SurvivalBlog’s readers, email [8] us.