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Letter Re: Prepping for a Paleo Diet


TZ’s article on the Paleo diet [1] vs. the more usual heavy-on-carb diet that preppers typically prep for was exciting for me to read because it addressed many of the issues my husband and I are dealing with. We’ve been formally prepping for the past six years, storing up wheat, rice, beans, etc. Then two years ago we found a great doctor, a Functional Medicine Doctor, who emphasizes the health model vs. the pathology model. He started with extensive blood tests, then based on the results starts you off on a series of supplements and a strict non-carb diet. We’re in our late sixties, and I just assumed weight gain and loss of energy through the decades was normal. But we both lost so much (and we’re not hungry), that we’re down to the weight we were in our 20s, with more energy, lowered cholesterol, and no longer pre-diabetic, etc. This just through diet and supplements.

However, we had four years of accumulated stored carbs and canned goods. Now what? We have lots of company, so I am slowly using up what’s stored. (I know, feeding our company stuff we don’t normally eat?!!). We’re still working on that issue. I did hope that TZ would give us a list of what to store. But his advice to buy a freeze drier (something we’re seriously thinking about) is a good start.

I personally hate this sustainable life style in that it’s a LOT of work and ties us down with morning and evening chores and the myriad chores of growing your own vegetables year round (and we live at 9000 feet!). I don’t like to cook. I don’t like to put up vegetables either by canning, freezing, or dehydrating. In general, if it’s domestic work, I pretty much hate it (sigh), but I do it anyway. Eating fresh, non pre-packaged food is a lot more work. Putting things in the freeze-drier is too. So, I guess, if anyone has any suggestions for Paleo-type storage, I’d love to hear them. (You know, that no-work but lots of gain philosophy 😉

By the way, TZ excellently laid out the principles and benefits of eating a very low-carb diet. We’ve fallen off the wagon a little, and it’s encouraged us to get back on. – S.