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Two Letters Re: Good Samaritan Bag


As an addition to the note on a “Samaritan Bag [1]”, I have had good results using a food vacuum sealer with the longer rolls of plastic to shrink and seal heavy winter jackets and blankets. The items are well protected by the heavy plastic and can fit in small locations in your car, such as under the seats. They are low bulk, out of the way, and there when you need them. – Tom

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We try to keep a few gallon Ziploc bags in our vehicle to hand to beggars with peanuts, trail mix, hand wipes, crackers, granola bars, soap, tooth brush, razor, band aids, Kleenex, wash cloth, mints, bottled water, comb, et cetera. We usually also include a couple of dollar’s worth of quarters. I know pay phones have pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur, but the idea is to enable them to call family if necessary. Sometimes we’re able to add in a $5 McDonald’s gift card. – J.P.