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Economics and Investing:

SurvivalBlog reader B.B. sent in this jewel of an article calling the economy what it is: Ignore The Media Bullsh*T – Retail Implosion Proves We Are In Recession [1] (The Burning Platform)

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Dollar Death Sentence [2] (Daily Reckoning) Sent in by G.G. on the Economics Team.

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The Brutal Reality of Municipal Bankruptcy: Vallejo, California [3] (Huffington Post)

Puerto Rico’s Severe Financial Crisis [4] (The Puerto Rico Report)

Signal of Global Trade Collapse Coming From India [5] (Zero Hedge) Sent in by T.A. on the Economics Team.

Items from Mr. Econocobas:

Biggest US Debt Sell-Off In 15 Years [6]

Capitalism Explained In 2015: “You Have Two Cows…” [7]– This article is worth the read, if for nothing else than the ending updated illustration on two cows.

Wal-Mart’s Worst Stock Crash In 27 Years Is Another Sign That The Economy Is Rapidly Falling Apart [8]