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Letter Re: Helping the Maxners

You actually printed the email from the Maxners [1] who asked for help rebuilding their home and barn? Part of being prepared for disasters is being insured, as in food insurance by stocking up on food. Now, this irresponsible couple asks for others to help them out and you are enabling their behavior. I didn’t agree with your telling readers that Chuck Baldwin’s move to Montana cost more than expected and then telling readers how they could help Chuck financially. Why? He should have “counted the cost” before his move. Now you’re suggesting people help the Maxners out. It’s a miniature version of the nanny state popping up in the great American Redoubt. I have made some big financial sacrifices to get my preps in order and to live debt free. I don’t have the luxury to move to a remote location. The Maxner’s made their choice, and it is not the responsibility of your readers to bail them out.

You owe your readers an apology for making this suggestion. You can feel free to forward this email on to the Maxners so they will know how I feel about their entitlement mentality. – George

HJL Responds: I believe you are confusing the concept of a “nanny state” and Christian charity. A nanny state is one where you are compelled to give by force and then that money is distributed to someone else. You generally have no control of the collection or distribution process or the rules that are made. On the other hand, Christian charity is voluntary on your part. No one compels you to give, and when you do give you have full control over where that money goes.

I also find it interesting that our modern “Christian” society has accepted insurance as a way of life. In reality, insurance is nothing more than gambling. You pay into a pool and hope that that pool will pay out if you have a crises. If you never have a crises, then the money is just lost to you. Others, who manage to work the system, have faux crises after crises and manage to get the pool to pay out even when there is no need. At the bottom of the pool, you will find connections to the banking system. Risk assessment is everything, and I have seen insurance companies simply drop the insured when they felt the risk was too great to themselves. Every penny that the insured paid was simply lost to him, lining someone else’s pocket.

A careful read of the Bible reveals that insurance is not a method chosen by God. Instead, we are to take care of our own. If your brother has a need and you have the ability to meet that need, you have a duty to help him without expectation of recompense. Likewise, he has a duty to help you. This willing help is exemplified all the time around us and we often pay no attention to it. I have been the recipient of it, and I have also been a giver. God expects you to get personally involved with those that you help.

We stand by our publishing the need of the Maxners as part of this charity. If you are led by God to donate, then do so with a happy heart. If not, then you are not required nor expected to help. That’s how Christian charity works.