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Odds ‘n Sods:

Attacks on Internet Fiber Optic Cables Ongoing [1]. – T.A.

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Video: How to Make a $1500 Sandwich in Only 6 Months [2] – W.A.

A heavy dose of reality for those who think that they can just change their lifestyle after SHTF. Start now! Practice! Remember, it’s not practice that makes perfect but perfect practice. – HJL

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Kid Takes Homemade Clock to School to Impress Teacher; They Arrest Him for “Making a Hoax Bomb” [3] – D.S.

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Freeze And Seize—-Not Conspiracy Theory: Legislative Fact [4] Harder, more logistically improvident, is the prospect of seizing the people’s wealth after it’s been taken out of its tronic form and turned into cans of food, tools, seeds, ammo, and held, not in centralized accounts awaiting the push of but a Pharaohnic button but rather in a sprawling unregistered delta of barns and basements, root-cellars and attics and even caches…

(…because an armed and competent people in control of their own food supply are a prickly people to conquer and tyrannize….a unified and deeply-faithful people, all but indomitable…)

But just because it is improvident doesn’t mean it won’t be done, or at least—savagely—attempted. If we reflect on the sudden purchasing of legions’ worths of black rifles for the IRS, of an overwhelmingly debt-ladened administration nonetheless unprecedentedly purchasing enough hollow-point ammunition for its Internal State Security Forces to kill every man, woman, and child several times over, of its unconstitutional federalization of state, local, and electorally-answerable police forces—with their screenings, reported to me by more than one LEO friend, to insure that these de facto Stormtroopers are willing to confiscate arms from the electorate—and its conversion of many of these to, essentially, anti-public light-armored-urban-occupation-brigades, we may be drawn to further reflect that the improvidence of an undertaking has never been dissuasive to Big Government, in general, and to this administration, in cruel particular.

And if reflect, instead, on all the examples of how this administration has been constrained by ethical boundaries—of the magnum efforts to divide people into racial and ideological warring camps, of the mocking and leeringly public abandonment of the Rule Of Law, of the Soviet stratagem (as noted and commented-upon by, inter alia, East Germans under occupation) of breaking marriages, families, culture, by flooding a society with cheap porn, booze, and soul-numbing pharmaceuticals—we cannot but shudder, or perhaps weep in condign repentance, for all that our forefathers bequeathed and entrusted, to us, now failed and lost…

…but then we steel ourselves, and begin to prepare our bodies and our minds and our souls…

…and perhaps also we pray. – GJM

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‘Allahu Akbar!’: Migrants rampage, attack police [5] – D.S.