Letter Re: Getting Home – Part 1, by BF


I thought that live ammunition is banned from the US Mail. If so, would he to UPS his stuff to that address, with proper ORM-D labeling?

Or, could he mail the rifle and then carry the ammo in checked luggage? – C

HJL Responds: You can send a “long gun” or an antique through the U.S. mail, but you can not send a modern handgun or live ammunition. I have heard of people in the past sending things through that should not have been sent, but I would strongly encourage you NOT to do that. You never know when the contents of your package are going to be examined, either by physical inspection or other means, and the visit from the feds you will get will not be pleasant, nor will the all-expenses paid vacation in the Federal holding facility be any fun. It’s just not worth it when you have legal alternatives, such as FedEx or UPS available.