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Odds ‘n Sods:

Eighth Grader Charged With Felony Cybercrime For Changing Teacher’s Desktop Wallpaper [1]. Whatever happened to a teacher explaining to a child why this was wrong, that the computer is NOT his property (I remember my parents explaining PROPERTY RIGHTS to me before I even went to school), and calling his parents and all of them sitting down and explaining this to the child! Another clueless teacher! – H.L.

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I don’t recall seeing anything about this in news from the American Redoubt.

Wyoming Governor Vetos Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill [2]

Meanwhile down in New Mexico they got it right, and it only took 4,000 phone calls from citizens.

New Mexico Bill to Curb ‘Policing for Profit’ Signed Into Law [3]. – S.M.

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California approves bill banning child vaccine exemptions [4]. – T.P.

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Police Want “Eye Blinding” Laser To Add To their Military-Style Arsenal [5]. – B.B.

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Illinois schools can require students to hand over their social media passwords [6]. – T.P.