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Letter Re: Solar Well Pump


I agree with GL, the Grundfos SQF [1] line of off-grid well pumps are superior products. My well is using the 11-SQF-2 pump. The correct operating voltage range is 30-300 VDC or 90-240 VAC @ 50/60 Hz. Maximum current draw of this set of pump products is 8.4 amps, regardless of input voltage. The pump contains an MPPT power controller [2]. Oh, these are NOT inexpensive pumps.

Note, if you are supplying less than 120 volts, the GPM of the pump must be down-rated. This is important when running from solar panels but even more so when running from batteries. See the technical literature for details. It is a very good, thorough document and details configurations for solar, wind, and generator environments. Take note that if your generator outlets are GFCI, Grundfos says that the pump will not operate. I have not confirmed this, as my generator is not GFCI.

Grundfos literature for the SQFlex pumps can be found at Grundfos SQFlex Literature [3] – R.G.