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Economics and Investing:

Top 12 Media Myths On Oil Prices [1]

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19 Signs That American Families Are Being Economically Destroyed [2]

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Items from Mr. Econocobas:

Dollar Weakens against Yen as BoJ Stands Pat [3]

Despite Data, Americans’ View on Economy Reaches 8-Year Highs [4]

Gold Is Beating Stocks This Year—Here’s Why [5] – Again the belief that at any point this side of a dollar crisis that they will raise rates is comical, in my view.

“Odious Debt” Has Finally Arrived: Greece To Write Off “Illegal” Debt [6] – Greece is definitely worth keeping an eye on, but at the end of the day with a communist/socialist government in place their problems won’t go away with repudiating the debt.