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Letter Re: Water Issues


Another option the author might consider is a well bucket. I bought mine from Lehman’s as a short-term solution to possible electrical power failure until I have my PV system fully up-to-speed. I think it was around $70, plus shipping, and it provides me an affordable alternative water source. -BPF

HJL responds: This is a viable alternative as long as you realize that your submersible pump will have to be pulled in order to effectively use this setup. For those who are uncomfortable with working on your own well, beware that this option may not work for you.

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PLEASE, PLEASE do a write up on the bison pump that you have on today’s post [1]; the guy has it set up near his sink and plumbed into his well. This is really a good idea. – B.L.

HJL responds: I spoke with the author today, and I believe he is planning to do just that. There was enough responses to his pictures that he is interested.