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Looking For a New Offshore Server For SurvivalBlog

Since we no longer have a backup server in Sweden (a long story of which I’ll spare you the details), we are now looking to lease another dedicated offshore backup server for SurvivalBlog. This needs to be a dedicated server with very stable power (preferably hydroelectrically-sourced), 99%+ uptime, and rock-solid stable IP addresses. (Our IP address cannot change, once it is established.) Keep in mind that this server must be capable of regularly handling 25 mbps. We’d also like it to be in a country that is not excessively buddy-buddy with the U.S. government. However, at the same time, we don’t want it to be a country that is anti-western. One other consideration is that the server needs to be owned by a company that has not been tainted by hosting gambling, pornography, or torrent-style downloads. (This will minimize the risk of a “site-wide” government-ordered takedown.) Some good candidate countries for the server could include: Iceland, Chile, Greenland, Finland, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal, and the Czech Republic. So, if you have a server available, or you know of a company that you can personally recommend, then please let us know, via e-mail. Note that we are willing to pay current competitive market rates for leasing this dedicated server, and that this will very likely be a contract that we will renew, year after year. Thanks! – JWR