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Letter Re: I-594

James, Your article “Learning from Washington’s Huge Background Checks Mistake [1]” is on target. My comment is on the Founding Father’s intent of the Second Amendment– to permanently preserve the capability of the general public to be adequately armed to stand up to a tyrannical government. The only place in the Constitution that explicitly prevents “adjusting or interfering” with an Amendment, is the Second, with the admonition “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. I have yet to see or hear of a definition of that statement that allows ANY of the multitude of “gun control laws” that currently infringe on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Why is “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” totally ignored, specifically, by all of the courts in the land? I guess my question is, how do We the People get the Constitution back in control of this country? – E.C.

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Thank you for your article on the Washington gun law fiasco. I’m glad to see someone still talking about it. I became a resident of WA last year before the vote. I almost became a resident of ID, but in the end, no income tax and low cost for acreage in WA won out. I’m starting to reconsider my choice, based on the results of last fall’s vote. If this trend continues, I may have to relocate again.

The reason I’m replying to this is to ask what is there to do about it? We all hear “get out and vote” or “vote with your feet”, but the time to stand and fight is near, I think. When I say “stand and fight”, I mean reverse this statist trend in WA and any other state. I’m all for partitioning Eastern WA, and I’m sure many others are, but I believe the “how” is what people are stuck on before actions take place. In my mind, the only way it would even be considered is to make it worth both sides. Beyond that, I haven’t the foggiest idea of a starting point to get this ball rolling. I’m tired of the liberal incrementalism. I’d love to see your take on this.


HJL Responds: It currently seems that the “vote with your feet” option is about the only option left. We keep expecting a grassroots movement to start rolling on the partitioning of the state, but the ability of the eastern part of the state to absorb the punishing onslaught of progressive radicalism without reaching a breaking point is astounding. That movement must come from the residents of the state, as outside influence will simply be seen as meddling.