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Safari Club International Convention Roundup

I recently attended the Safari Club International (SCI) convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Despite the OTT crass glitziness of Vegas, I greatly enjoyed the convention and met some great subject matter experts who kindly shared some details about terrain, climate hydrology, fauna, and flora of a region of Africa that will be featured in my next novel.

While the African “Big Five” guides predominated, one thing that surprised me was the number of exhibitors at the show who hailed from The American Redoubt [1]. I’m sure that there were others, since the convention floor was enormous and I just zoomed through walking it, but I did meet the folks from:

All in all, the SCI convention was a hoot. I got to meet and talk with both NRA President Wayne LaPierre and veteran screenwriter and filmmaker John Milius. Just seeing all of the great taxidermy pieces was worth the price of admission. – JWR