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Letter Re: Canned Food Alternatives


I started “doing this” in 1979 when I took a class taught by Ron Hood through UCLA extension. Below is the best advice on food storage I’ve seen or heard, and none are paid endorsements; they’re just my opinion:

A video by Wendy De Witt [1] entitled “Sensible Food Storage”. The first 22+ minutes are on food storage; the other 35 minutes are on equipment. I believe it is the easiest, most commonsense, and cost-effective method.

Also, here is the link to her free doc [2].

Additionally, this woman has a series of ten or more videos [3] on dehydrating that are excellent.

Below are some more links to what I feel are the best canning channels on YouTube, along with a few examples of their canning:

Here are the links to the two rocket stoves I would recommend:

For prepping purposes, the best vacuum sealer is probably the 12 volt-capable FoodSaver GameSaver [20].

Be prepared for when the fecal matter impacts upon the air circulation device!

– B.M.