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Letter Re: Keeping Lawmen at Fishbowl Distance


I wholeheartedly agree with your prescription for law enforcement encounters, but I would add that if the lawmen persist and detain you, your first response should be to ask for an attorney. Without affirmative invocation of your right to an attorney, the questioning will drag on and on. When you request an attorney, they must immediately stop questioning you. However, do not expect an attorney to come waltzing through the door; if you are under arrest, it may take 24-48 hours for you to see one at first appearance, and even then it may be for only a moment. Many accused have unrealistic expectations, and when the lawyer is not immediately provided in this instant gratification world, they waive their rights, reinitiate contact, and make all sorts of damaging statements that WILL be used against them later. If you are under arrest, law enforcement has already made up their mind, and there is no talking your way out of it.

See prior article I sent and published in SurvivalBlog: Things to Understand When Interacting With Police, by G.S. [1]

JWR adds: One item to watch is the CCW laws, if you are so licensed. This database is usually tied to your drivers license, and you need to check your states laws regarding contact with a law enforcement agent to determine how it impacts you.