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Odds ‘n Sods:

I noticed that former Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s anti-gun pressure group Mayors Against Illegal Guns [1] has been re-branded with the oh-so Kumbaya name “Everytown for Gun Safety”. Perhaps it was the fact that his Mayors Cabal has lost 15% of it membership in the past year. Or maybe it is the fact that an embarrassing number of the member mayors have been indicted or sent off for long stretches in prison. – JWR

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Fearful of pro-gun activists, Texas state Reps. to install security “Panic Buttons” [2]. – T.P.

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Parents Investigated For Neglect For Letting Kids Walk Home Alone [3]. SurvivalBlog reader K.D comments:

“I have children about this age, and have let them walk themselves up to half-a-mile to go to the library/park/convenience-store, et cetera, and they’ve been fine. (It’s one of the perk’s of living in a safe, suburban neighborhood!) You could say– It’s why I pay the taxes I do, to live where I do, surrounded by what I’m surrounded by (and more importantly, NOT surrounded by what I’m NOT surrounded by).

“I agree with the parent’s argument that allowing responsible kids a little room on the leash is a good thing and helps them develop maturity and responsibility. The cop dropping the kids off was probably fine, and the officer should have been able to evaluate the parents/home-life very quickly to see if it was negligence vs. free-range parenting…

“I wonder… Did anyone call CPS to check on the little boy in Cleveland’s parent(s), to see what they were doing while he was playing alone with his modified air-soft gun in the park? ‘Course not, that’s racist.”

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Change Gun Laws in Europe to Let Jews Carry Arms [4]. – T.P.

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The march towards the full nanny state continues: You Could Be Quarantined and Forced to Take Toxic Drugs [5]. – D.S.