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Police stress “need” for social media data-mining upgrades [1]. – T.P.

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SurvivalBlog Reader P.S. writes in about some interesting research:

I’ve always had many questions about the U.S. crime rates. Examples:

Are crime rates increasing? Are some areas becoming more violent than others? What has been the influence of gun control?

I’m starting to look at the data available from the Uniform Crime Reporting website [2].US_crime_rates [3]

Here is some very early analysis. Note that all metrics are per-capita rates (per 100,000 people) such that they account for national and regional population changes. Also, data is only available through the end of 2012 at this time.

Nationally, many of the crime rates are down to 1970-1971 levels. The murder and rape rates are down too; they’re just not as visible in the chart given the other data points on the vertical axis.

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Say What?! Driver Wanted for Obama Motorcade. Novice Welcome. [4] – P.M.

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Italian police discover stash of 500,000 CHINESE made, fake Euro coins [5]. – T.P.