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Guest Post: Self-Directing Your Retirement ~ Sheltering the Fruits of Your Labor, by Will Lehr

As we prepare our lives for the unknown, the various categories needing attention are overwhelming.  Many start with the obvious: water, food, security, defense, and self-reliance.  Once we secure our basic survival needs we almost all come to the same next dilemma: money.  How do we shelter the fruits of our labor from the coming storm?  

Retirement accounts are among the largest asset for the average American.  Many people have five and six figure sums of money in these accounts.  Whether you’re concerned about a currency collapse, government theft, or complete societal breakdown, finding a good home for these assets could be life changing on the other side.  

For the self-reliant individual, a self-directed IRA is the perfect fit.  This strategy allows the individual to take control of the account investments, stretching far beyond the typical basket of mutual funds.  Self-directed accounts are designed for investing in precious metals, real estate, and much more.  With one unique type of account, an LLC IRA, you can take home delivery of gold, silver, or platinum eagle coins purchased entirely by your IRA. The below guide can help you determine your options.

Step 1: Consider you goals and eligibility.  What account type do you have to rollover and/or are you able to start?  

Retirement Account Types:

All of the above mentioned accounts, except 401k type plans, are eligible to be setup or rolled over to a self-directed plan, like the LLC IRA.  Only about 16% of employer-sponsored plans (401ks) allow for in-service withdrawals, whereby you rollover your balance while still employed.  A simple question to your administrator or HR person will clarify your eligibility.

Step 2: What are your desired investments?

Traditional retirement account investment options are limited.  These limits are placed by the administrator that holds the account.  Options typically include a myriad of mutual funds, individual stocks, and bonds.  Granted, you can get a wide range of asset class exposure from currencies to commodities but all within the stock, bond, and futures markets.  What if you want to own tangible, physical assets with your retirement account?

Non-traditional administrators allow for alternative investments inside of retirement accounts.  In fact, they are built for them.  There is an entire industry that brings these investments to market.  Some investment options include real estate, physical precious metals, private equity, energy leases, and loans.

Step 3:  Pick your platform and move your account to an administrator that allows alternative investments.

Whatever your choice for sheltering the fruits of your labor, be prudent. In these questionable times, responsibility falls upon the individual. Money is the stored capital of our past efforts. Protecting it helps ensure our future survival.

We celebrate these opportunities with passion. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help in any way. – Will Lehr www.perpetualassets.com [1]

Disclaimer:  This article is meant to serve as an informational guide.  I am not a CPA nor professional accountant nor attorney.  Nothing authored shall be interpreted as accounting, investment, nor legal advice from Perpetual Assets nor any of its officers, affiliates, media partners, nor employees.