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This Was Yesterday, by G.P.

Today was no different than any other. The sense of peace was in the morning breeze. Some of the most beautiful birds were singing, as if they wanted the world to know they are blessed with no worries. The morning dew gives the air an almost sweet smell of perfume. Kids are briskly walking down the street, so they limit the chances of missing their bus. Parents are rushing off to work in an almost robotic manner. News stations are broadcasting news, and radio stations are playing music. Smiles, frowns, tears, and fears fill the faces of society. Many people are in one community, but they all share the burdens of the next man. While trying to please the self-image of the world, they never even get close to the standards of acceptance.

Nobody noticed that 5,000 more children had been escorted across the border throughout the night. Amnesty is taking its toll on North America, and the effects have southern states carrying the burden of hospitality. Vacant schools and vacant businesses are becoming the temporary homes for the immigrant overflow in the United States. Winter is coming, and food shortages are inevitable. The media speaks of the great things we are doing for our guests, but the economy tells the truth of the matter at hand. Schools are being over run with non-English speaking students. Cafeterias are not able to keep up with the free and reduced lunch requests that are being made for the new immigrants. Social services have no answer for the growing number of housing applications. This fallout was caused by the food stamp shortage, and the influx of emergency EBT card request. Pandemic level respiratory infectious diseases have spread like a wild fire in the dry plains. Teachers are unable to have productive classes, due to the unmanageable numbers in the classrooms. “No worries,” they tell you. “Today was no different than any other.”

The stock market has fallen below a comfortable level. Banks have set one hundred dollar restriction at every ATM. Doors to every bank have been locked, and they are no longer taking withdrawal request. Automated responses have been set up for all of those who have worries about their money. The banks promise this will be resolved soon, but the lost look on the employees’ faces lets you know there is no solution in sight to these monetary problems. Debit cards are declined at every register, gas pump, and clothing store. Credit cards are not being read or accepted any longer. Media calls it a glitch in the banking system. A rumor of a North American Identification Card offers relief to those who follow the political news stations. Droves of people rush to their local social security offices, waiting on their chance to register with the New North American Union. “No worries,” they tell us… “Today was no different than any other day.”

New signs pop up all over the city. The signs cohere the community to sell your guns for food. Government EBT cards are being bartered for ammunition. People are growing fearful of how fast things are changing in the world. Dysfunction has now hit the homestead, and those who proclaimed to be preppers are ready to bugout. Traffic lights are not working properly, but I am sure it’s because of the rolling blackouts we have been experiencing. Tactical officers have been patrolling the inner city streets. No one finds it weird that there is a military presence in our neighborhoods. Local police say they need help with traffic congestion, but their aren’t any police at the malfunctioning lights. A few months ago, I noticed a lot of small tanks on a train, which were traveling into an unknown location in the middle of our city. If I didn’t know better, I would think the town was preparing for martial law. Maybe I am paranoid by the build up F.E.M.A. trucks. “No worries,” they said… “Today was no different than any other day.”

No one really paid attention to all the practice public service announcements. Since these practice alerts came on every week, they were ignored today. The message told all citizens to not be alarmed by the military presence. ATM machines will be turned off and traffic lights were being shut down. A curfew was now in affect for all citizens. Identification cards were not an option any longer. Everyone must be registered within the next 48 hours. Anyone not registered will be transported to local FEMA centers, so they could receive the extra help they need to fill out their paperwork. Cognitive dissonance has taken full affect. Citizens are complying with all the rules that are being set in place by this newly formed authority. Although things are quickly becoming uncomfortable for everyone, with much practice they have learned to trust authority of any kind. A few people have unplugged themselves from this false sense of reality, and these few have begun to rise up. Many don’t need a reason to act out upon emotions. Those citizens, who live for chaos, don’t need a reason to destroy their own property. Why would you take pride in things you never pay taxes for? Fires begin to spring up everywhere. Traffic is made up of citizens trying to get home from work and others trying to pick their kids up from school. Cell phone towers cannot keep up with the load of distressed people trying to reach friends and loved ones. Things are reaching the point of no return, but today is no different than any other day.

Everyone thought they had things in place for this day, but they will soon see that preparing was only the tools for building the foundation of being ready. Many preppers never practiced taking different routes home from work. Others were shocked when their cars ran out of gas on the jammed packed highways. FEMA trucks are taking hundreds of children away, because their parents couldn’t reach them in time. Children were not prepared to walk home from school by themselves. Some were two miles from home when the FEMA trucks took them away. Parents could have gotten out of their cars and walked to their children’s schools. Trust in government entities reassured their emotions and helped convince them they would see their children again. Families are being separated, the stock market is steadily falling, and growing unrest is sweeping the streets. Local authorities are loosing control of this once-quiet city. Looting and pillaging has become widespread in the inner city communities. Sirens are screaming and helicopters are filling the skies. The National Guard has been called in to block all highways and bring order back to the south. The bullhorns hooked to SWAT vehicles warn citizens to return to their homes and lock their doors. Citizens are threatened with charges of treason and tyranny for not following the rules of FEMA. They tell the masses not to worry, because today is no different than any other day. Many of us prepared for these days, but no amount of preparation can ready you for the day everything comes to a halt. All of your bags are ready and your ammunition supplies line the walls awaiting civil unrest. Are you truly prepared? Are you truly ready? The seal has been broken and the locusts have come to devour the lands of the United States. Here are twelve things overlooked by most, who say they are prepared for the end.

  1. Traffic will be unrelenting and congested. Have a backup plan for retrieving your children from school and daycare. Everyone should know where to meet in case of any emergency.
  2. Communications will be limited. Cell phones are given to children for emergency communication. Most adults don’t have any other means of communication. In a martial law scenario all means of cellular communication will be lost. Have other short wave communications.
  3. Food will be limited for all in inner city residences. Rural communities will not feel the effects at first. Once a run on food has begun, the rural areas will be squeezed out of deliveries. Looters will target food trucks, water trucks, and fuel trucks. You need to have food and fuel storage readily available.
  4. The dollar is steadily losing its power in the market. Banks will feel the pain of the dollar crash. This will start a crash in the markets and spark a run on banks. Don’t think for one minute banks are not prepared for an emergency shut down. ATM’s will be shut down and banking centers will be closed. You need to have some type of monetary savings in a safe place. Never rule out having silver, gold, and other bartering materials. These may save your life.
  5. Schools will be forced to go on lockdown. Some schools will have their children bused to safe houses and FEMA centers. You need to check with your schools safety board, in order to know their plan of action. Don’t assume that teachers will stay with their students when SHTF begins. Teachers have children and families, as well. In the case that teachers and principals start leaving their post, secondary authorities will be called in to establish parental decisions for the children at school.
  6. The inner city will become a battleground for gangs and cartels. Once local city law enforcement has crumbled, unruliness will spread through the streets. This may be hard to visualize, but many riots were birthed through championship celebrations. Imagine what will become of a riot birthed out of hunger and panic.
  7. Pandemics have already been swept under the rug. Many illegal immigrants are coming with various diseases, both viral and bacterial. Once widespread sickness begins to move from person to person, it will be hard to come across vaccines and medicines. Mutated viruses will be hard to control. Secondary bacterial infections will cause panic by themselves. This will cause many to seek quarantine from others who are sick. I am almost sure the CDC will be called in for this problem. If you are caught in this mess, you could risk being split from your family members.
  8. We always think you have everything, until the true test of times present themselves. When we reach “zero hour”, sporting goods stores will be highly dangerous. Everyone knows that camping gear are found in these places. Inner city thugs will try to seize the opportunity to create lawless situations at these establishments. You need to have a list of pertinent preps you and your family will need to bug out of a hostel area. Taking this warning lightly can cost you valuable time bugging out, more over put the lives of your family in danger.
  9. Ammunition has been under attack to create issues for the major middleman suppliers. One local company has been rumored of having advanced knowledge of the gun law crisis and using it for its advantage. This major supplier bought thousands of rounds of commonly-used caliber ammunition, so they could jack up prices during the ammo shortage. This was a trusted company of my community, but loyalty ran short in a time of crisis. Nothing will stop companies from selling ammo at astronomical prices, when SHTF begins. Even if you know everyone who works behind the counter, they will still expect you to pay the higher cost per round. Everyone is closely monitoring the urgent stock piling of ammunition. Your neighbors look in your trash bins. Your postal workers pay close attention to the firearms parts and ammunition being mailed to your home. Your bank monitors your spending, and they say it’s so they can send you suggestions for discounts. Don’t believe that your ammunition stock piling is unnoticed and discrete. No matter the discreteness, you have to prepare for the next crisis that will raise the cost of ammunition. An executive order has already been set in place to ban some Russian ammunition and firearms. These things will double in price within the next few months.
  10. Loyalty is something that you can’t attach a price. In the Bible, Judas sold out The Son of God for a bag of silver. You have to ask yourself what a hungry man or women would do to you for food and shelter. Loyalty cannot be prepped or stock piled. It is not found in a book and cannot be learned in a classroom. Loyalty just is. Loyalty is going to be one of the most sought after preps after SHTF. Many will turn on each other for food and shelter. Silver coins will buy bread with one hand and give information to marauders in another hand. There will be those who will plan to prey on prepper groups. Preppers have two worries– marauders and lack of loyalty. You can gauge the level of loyalty of those around you by evaluating your past interactions with these people. If you have a friend who has shown themselves untrustworthy in minor situations, you might need to reevaluate choosing them as SHTF partners. This is why you tell no one about your preparations. Trusting non-loyal people can cost you your life…one day.