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Two Letters Re: Justifying Preparation


Here in Georgia, a hurricane right up the middle puts power lines in the road and shuts down traffic for a minimum of 30 days. Evidence of that result can be found in the Connecticut Governor’s response to Hurricane Sandy, which was to shut down all state highways. There was no traffic and no grocery store resupply. Counting on FEMA to show up in three days is foolish. In the aftermath of Katrina, it was churches that carried the day rather than FEMA. My family up in New Jersey during Sandy was at the end of their rope after about 10 days, when the power finally returned. The threats from nature that we all face could easily justify 45 days without power and resources.

All that other “economic sky is falling” stuff is why I have seeds, a developed garden, coin, hand tools, “friends”, and the ammunition for my “friends”. All that “sky is falling” stuff justifies three to four months of food, assuming it happens seasonally at the worst moment. Nature and the business I am in demand that I be front and center for my customers, so OPSEC is not really an option. I work to encourage preparation on the part of my customers, my people. It is my job. It is my promise.

I love the information your blog provides. It has helped validate and guide. – R.

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Just a few short items for Justifying Prep [1] to mull over. If cash flow permits and storage space is available, why not start slow and buy items you are going to use anyway? Buy when on sale and you will not only be prepping but also saving money!! Three years ago I needed to get my wife of 40+ years into the prepping frame of mind, so I asked her “If the Lord allows us to be here on this earth a year from now, do you think we will need toilet paper?” Her response: that was the stupidest question I had ever ask. I then asked her the cash and space question. She did not respond. However, two weeks later she came in from shopping and told me there were three large bundles of paper in the car. We now have converted a closet into a second pantry and rotate, rotate, rotate. To her, the buying in bulk while on sale is now the norm and says we should have been doing that all along. This has made it agreeable for me to expand, in depth, into many other areas of prepping that is not of interest to you at this time. Ask yourself two other questions– “How often did my grandparents and great-grandparents go to the store for supplies?” and “Are there loved ones that would benefit from my prepping, if needed?” Prepping, if done logically and with planning, can bring peace of mind and save money. It is also biblical. The bible instructs prepping in every aspect of our lives: Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Financial, Family, Community, and so forth. Justifying Preparation, you asked a great question– one that every prepper has had to answer. Good Luck. – Deep South Charlie