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Letter Re: Confiscation of Stored Foods

Hi Hugh,

I really enjoy the blog. There is a lot of good info. You mentioned about losing weight [1] during TSHTF along with everyone else. I and others in my group have bought used clothing in bigger sizes than we wear now. I have worn this clothing around people who haven’t seen me in awhile. All of them commented on how much weight I had lost. Some even asked if I had been sick. In truth, I was the same size I was before. The clothes made it appear I had dropped 20-30 pounds. Perception goes a long way. I just re-enforced their observations. “Thanks for noticing I lost weight. Yes, I was sick.” I even joked I needed to buy new clothes now. My wife said with a little makeup under my eyes people would of thought I was very sick or even dying. People jump to conclusions in a few seconds. Just make sure it’s the conclusion you want them to arrive at. Just another layer to my operational security. – J.T.